April 20, 2022

Top 6 Trends of Building Maintenance Services to Expect in 2022

Building maintenance services have evolved remarkably over the past few years, even more so than in the past three decades. The global pandemic has had a significant impact, influencing the workings of facility maintenance.

6 Stand-Out Trends in Building Maintenance Services

Building maintenance services continue to adjust to demographic, societal, and technological changes. Let’s look at the key trends that facility management professionals should consider for the year ahead.

Creating a Hybrid Working Environment

As we are seeing a return to normalcy, one trend that’s here to stay is hybrid working in 2022. Not only is it gathering steam among most Americans, but over 70% of office workers prefer to have flexible remote work options.

With a growing need for hot desks and flexible work hours, facility management teams need to adapt to the changing conditions without compromising quality. Facilitation of co-working, development of managed workspaces, better space management, and efficient mobile solutions are becoming the norm.

Companies that haven’t yet revamped their facility management strategy should consider this year an excellent time to start. It is undoubtedly worth implementing smart building technology, effective space management, and mobile technologies to make the most of hybrid environments.

Collecting Data Using the Cloud

In 2022, with the growth of remote work, it is expected that data and information can be accessed from any part of the world. Cloud-based databases and services can significantly enhance security and simplify data collection. Using a reliable cloud service can take the guesswork out of data management.

Moreover, the access to data can be granular and tailored to each employee. Cloud solutions make it simple to gather and store data, conveniently accessed by plugging in the equipment. There is no fear of failure, and data backups are automated.

It is clear why companies are jumping on the cloud bandwagon, which is here to stay for a long time to come.

Using IoT, AI, and Other Technologies

Another popular building maintenance services trend is the integration of AI technologies throughout the built environment. For instance, ‘smart buildings’ are constructed with AI and other technologies to enable intuitive automation for cleaning, maintenance, lighting, security, climate control, and parking.

AI-enabled facility management software can schedule preventive maintenance and predict faults. Companies can conserve energy usage with smart technology by automating heating and cooling equipment, lighting, and more. 

AI and IoT can be leveraged in powerful facilities management analytics to maximize security and productivity.

Moving Towards Predictive Maintenance

Another significant building maintenance services trend is the shift towards predictive maintenance. By taking advantage of facility management software to keep track of assets, the team can predict maintenance needs ahead of time for optimal performance.

A few significant advantages of planned preventive maintenance include:

  • Prolonged lifespan of assets
  • Increased level of organization within the workforces
  • Reduced disruption 
  • Effective budget planning and cost allocation

Predictive maintenance can cut costs and enhance productivity for an organization.

Sensor Technology and Remote Monitoring

Using remote monitoring and sensor technology can be a cost-effective and highly effective way of managing assets and processes around the clock. 

These technologies can help by reducing the need for physical field inspections. With real-time insights and increased space allocation management, advanced technologies can improve productivity, reduce loss and minimize risks.

Downsizing Commercial Real Estate

Since the pandemic, more companies have reduced their real estate footprint. As employees adopt hybrid work options, downsizing has become a common trend to cut costs.

With reduced space come new challenges for facilities management professionals

Teams need to reconfigure their office spaces to accommodate on-site employees safely and comfortably. Creating a highly-functional and collaborative environment within smaller square footage has become the biggest building maintenance services trend in 2022.

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