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September 22, 2021

commercial electrician with wires and glove

4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Electrician Company

When the time comes to hire a commercial electrician company, you’ll want to keep four primary questions in mind. Each of these can determine whether or not you you…


September 20, 2021

commercial electrical contractor changing light bulb

Different Types of Commercial Electric Lighting For Facilities and Properties

Commercial electric lighting comes in various shapes, sizes, outputs, and designs. In fact, there are so many different types of commercial electrical lighting for facilities that it can be overwhelming…


September 18, 2021

non slip commercial floors

2 Reasons Why Facility Managers Should Consider Commercial Non-Slip Flooring

While most commercial property owners want their floors to look great, facility managers also have other concerns. Most important is preventing accidents from slips and falls. One of the biggest…


September 16, 2021

commercial flooring contractor installing carpet

Top 5 Tips to Find the Best Commercial Flooring Contractor

Installing flooring in your commercial property seems like it should be straightforward. However, getting the job done right requires training and experience. That’s why you should always make sure…


September 14, 2021

commercial janitorial service worker pushing cart

The Essential Commercial Janitorial Service Maintenance Guide for Facilities Management

As a facility manager, you have to fill a long list of roles. Outsourcing many of these, such as commercial janitorial services, lets you use your time more efficiently. But…


August 24, 2021

commercial janitor cleaning bathroom

6 Tips for Facility Managers Searching for a Janitorial Service Company

Janitorial service companies provide essential healthcare services for businesses across the nation. However, finding the right company to collaborate with your business isn’t always straightforward. You have to know…


August 22, 2021

janitors using commercial cleaning products in office building

The Best Commercial Cleaning Products and Equipment For Facilities and Buildings

Facility managers often wonder if they have the right cleaning supplies and equipment to properly clean their facility. With so many options to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. No…


August 18, 2021

tractor removing commercial asphalt

7 Reasons To Remove and Replace Commercial Asphalt

Commercial asphalt does not last forever. For budgetary reasons, some companies may patch problematic spots, yet these are only temporary measures. Eventually you’ll need to strip and replace the…


August 16, 2021

empty parking lot and spaces

4 Secrets to Hiring a Parking Lot Maintenance Company

Parking lot maintenance is part and parcel of your facility management business plan. For that reason, to effectively care for your parking lot, you need to partner with a dependable…


August 14, 2021

parking lot ready for repairs and maintenance

9 Frequently Asked Questions About Parking Lot Repairs

To maintain an effective, customer-friendly business, you must maintain your parking lots. However, you may have questions for area contractors before you dive into parking lot repairs. For starters…



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