October 25, 2021

6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Painting Contractor

Finding the right commercial painting contractor can be one of the most important decisions involved in completing a project or maintaining a building. A bad paint job can make even the most impressive commercial buildings look poorly. 

While it may seem like you can hire someone with good reviews or hire someone based on a referral, there are several additional factors you should specifically consider before deciding who to hire. Here are six questions to ask before hiring a commercial painting contractor: 

How Much Commercial Painting Experience Do They Have?

Ask the contractor how many years they have been doing commercial painting specifically. If they have many years of experience as a painter but don’t have much experience in the commercial space, you may want to consider another option.

Contractors who have years of experience exclusively in commercial painting are valuable because they have more than likely seen a variety of jobs over the years and know how to approach problems if they occur. 

Do They Offer Color Consultations and Project Estimates?

Commercial painting contractors that are experienced and honest will generally offer color consultations and provide project estimates. Proceeding with a job without a color consultation is risky because you don’t know what the final project will look like until it is too late. 

Additionally, professional and trustworthy contractors will almost always give project estimates; it indicates that they are experienced and stand behind their work.

What is Their Overall Reputation and Online Reviews?

Today it is easier than ever to research a commercial painting contractor to determine if they have a good reputation. Checking their website, social media platforms or third-party websites for reviews are good places to start. 

This research will give you an idea of previous past clients have experienced with this contractor, and reviews are usually a good indicator of what you can expect if you hire them. 

As a general rule of thumb, one or two negative reviews may not represent the quality of work, but consistently bad reviews may point to an inexperienced or inattentive contractor. 

How Well Do They Communicate With Facility Managers?

Communication is key in any commercial project, but good communication with facility managers is especially important in commercial painting. A miscommunication with a facility manager may result in an inconvenienced tenant or customer or even a delay in the overall job. 

Ensure that the contractor has a reputation for good communication skills, and invite your facility manager to meetings or interviews with potential candidates.

Are They Willing to Accommodate Your Business Hours?

The last thing you want is for a contractor to disrupt your business or your customers. Commercial painting requires multiple workers, machinery, and equipment, and it can be messy. 

While certain buildings may allow contractors to work with minimal disruption during business hours, this isn’t always the case. If not, you’ll need to make sure that the contractor can accommodate your business hours and complete the job at a convenient time.

How Can Using an Integrated Facility Management Company Help?

One option that can make hiring for a commercial paint job easier is to work with an integrated facility management company such as Branded Group. Integrated facility management simply means that one company handles all aspects of facility management rather than hiring independent contractors for individual tasks of the projects. 

This approach works well because it minimizes friction in hiring vendors, and all parties involved likely already have an established relationship making the project flow easily.

Don’t let the process of hiring a commercial painting contractor overwhelm you. With the right questions and thorough research, you can ensure a smooth and successful outcome, transforming your facilities into stunning spaces. For expert painting services and guidance, trust Branded Group. Schedule a consultation with us today and let our team of professionals assist you in finding the perfect commercial painting contractor for your needs. Take the first step towards enhancing your properties’ aesthetics and functionality, and let Branded Group be your partner in achieving excellence.

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