October 27, 2021

3 Traits Facility Managers Should Look For In a Commercial Painter

A facility manager’s job is critical to maintaining the functioning and aesthetic of a commercial property. From maintenance to safety to unexpected repairs, facility managers have a lot of responsibility. 

From time to time, facility managers may need to hire a commercial painter. Selecting this provider can be a big decision and costly to fix if the painter does not do the job correctly. 

While commercial painters can make a building look new, they can also be disruptive to a business and a source of stress. There are three traits facility managers should look for in a commercial painter to avoid unnecessary complications.

They Have a Commercial Painting Gallery of Finished Projects

Any experienced commercial painter will have a portfolio of work to show potential clients. The portfolio could be a physical book with before and after pictures or displayed on their website or social media. 

Skilled painters will be proud of their work and will show off a variety of projects. If a painter does not have a gallery of work, it could indicate that they are inexperienced. 

Something to look for in the gallery is diversity. Does the painter only have experience with one or two types of commercial buildings, or have they completed a wide variety of jobs? The gallery of finished projects is a very good indicator of the skill level of the painter and should be a top consideration in making a selection.

A Commercial Painter Should Offer Recommendations

Skilled commercial painters should be experts in their field and readily offer feedback on any given job. As a facilities manager, you may not be an expert in what needs to be addressed and what doesn’t in a commercial painting job; the painter should guide you. 

Not only should a commercial painter be able to answer your questions, but they should be able to make observations that you didn’t notice yourself. The last thing you want is to end up with an incomplete job because the painter did not make the proper recommendations. 

Ultimately you are the decision-maker on the scope of work, but the painter should be able to offer you a complete picture before moving forward with the work.

They Have a Process for Prep, Painting, and Cleanup

Any skilled commercial painter should have an established system for prep, painting, and cleanup. This system should involve managing employees, setting up equipment, scheduling, and deadlines. Prior to hiring them, you should ask a potential painter to walk you through this process. 

If they do not have an established process, it could lead to disruptions in your business, accidents, and delays. Failure to have a solid plan may also be an indicator that the painter is inexperienced or unorganized. 

The plan should minimize disruptions to your business and allow you to manage expectations before, during, and after the job. As a facilities manager, you should know what is happening during all phases of the painting project; an established process will help you do that. 

If the painter already has an established process, it makes it easier to make adjustments based on your unique business needs.

Branded Group is Here to Help Find the Perfect Commercial Painter

Facility managers carry a great amount of responsibility in ensuring the integrity and proper functioning of the facilities they manage. Painting the facility should be a positive experience and something to look forward to, not stressful and disruptive. 

At Branded Group, we understand the importance of a seamless painting process that enhances your facility’s appearance. Schedule a consultation with us to explore how our facility management expertise can assist you in finding the perfect commercial painter. Let us help you create an environment that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. Take the proactive step towards a stress-free painting project by connecting with Branded Group today.

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