November 5, 2021

Can IFM’s Help the Search for a Commercial Painting Company?

Partnerships are the backbone of any successful business. It’s a concept that we recognized early on, setting out to establish business partnerships that would be advantageous to our clients.  As our business has evolved, we’ve grown our national vendor network to maximize those benefits. Case in point, eventually, your organization will need the services of a commercial painting company. Let’s look at how a facility service provider, such as Branded Group, can make your job easier when hiring a commercial painter.

We Work With a Large Network of Commercial Painting Company Vendors

Vendor databases can be cumbersome to manage. There are a variety of factors to keep in mind when searching for a reputable painting contractor. Knowing which companies are approved can be a challenging task. In the case of a commercial painting company, you’ll need to make certain they are properly insured and maintain any required state or local certifications. You will also need to evaluate reviews from other businesses, such as yours, and whether the vendor you’re considering can provide referrals.

Practically speaking, ensuring your painting contractor’s insurance coverage and certification is up to date is important, as these typically expire each year. Without the assistance of a facility service provider, you may not know which vendors are in compliance with these requirements. It’s possible the vendor you’re about to use isn’t properly insured or certified to work in your area.

Furthermore, a facility service provider has an extensive network of vendors they utilize. If one commercial painting company is no longer in compliance, the good news for your firm is that there are many more options available. This negates the need for you to seek referrals, as all vendors in this network are already pre-approved by your facility service provider.

Facility Service Providers Offer Cost Savings and Better Time Management

Did you notice an underlying theme in the previous example? There is both a time and monetary investment when selecting a commercial painting company. In fact, all vendors in your database will need to have a time-cost analysis. In short, working with a facility service provider such as Branded Group can provide you with savings in both areas.

First, it costs money to manage your vendor database. Those costs range from salaries to computer software to the associated hardware. While a facility service provider doesn’t replace the job of a facility manager, it can save significant money for your facility when partnering with one.

Second, everything we’ve described is a major time concern. Who has time to contact each vendor in your database, updating insurances and certifications and verifying that they’re in compliance with required state and local regulations? You surely don’t, which is why a facility service provider can help you with any and all of your maintenance needs — including selecting the right commercial painting company.

Your Facility Will See Improved Quality Control on Commercial Painting Projects

Let’s look closer at quality control. No one wants to pay for sub-par work. Yet this is exactly what may happen if careful consideration isn’t given to the commercial painting company that you hire. 

Earlier, we mentioned referrals. A major benefit of working with a facility service provider is that they’ll only send the best vendors your way. The commercial painting company they recommend is no different. This means that the end result — whatever room or space they’re painting for you — will look the absolute best, improving the quality control of your painting projects.

Facility Service Providers Can Help You With All of Your Vendor Needs

Within the context of hiring a commercial painting company, there are numerous benefits of working with a facility service provider. From the large network of providers to cost and time savings to improved quality control, you will get the best when you partner with a firm such as ours.

Branded Group is dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions for your facility management needs. With our expertise in a wide range of services, we strive to elevate your property’s performance, safety, and appearance. Trust us to provide tailored solutions, proactive strategies, and unmatched customer service to ensure your facilities are always at their best. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can enhance your facility management experience.

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