February 23, 2022

Top 4 Facility Manager Associations to Join in 2022

The facility manager (FM) title brings a lot of responsibility to those who hold it. Whether an experienced FM or beginner, joining a reputable facility manager association can equip you with the skills, training, and tools to stand out. These professional organizations conduct regular events and career development programs to serve the needs of facility management professionals.

Joining a reputable facility manager association can be a great way of networking with like-minded professionals. Being affiliated with a well-established association can also bolster your LinkedIn profile and resume.

Here are four reputed facility manager associations dedicated to connecting professionals in the field, making an impact on the industry, and serving the greater interests of their members. 


ConnexFM strives to empower its members with education, relevant, discussions, best practices, and valuable partnerships as a leading facility manager association. With over 950 member companies, ConnexFM provides its members with extensive personal and professional growth opportunities through immersive educational and networking events. 

The association also has active online communities, the ConnexFM Communities, to further facilitate conversations between professionals. Members stay informed and current with the latest advances and resources in facility management. 

At ConnexFM, members have an opportunity to give back to the FM community by actively engaging in the association. In addition, professionals can write for the Connex Magazine, host a webinar, or speak at upcoming events. The level of exposure at ConnexFM can significantly impact members’ careers and leadership skills.

Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA)

RFMA is a specialized facility manager association that serves the needs of restaurant facilities management professionals. The growing membership-based organization provides its members with regular events, programs, education, and resources.

Members of RFMA gain valuable insights into the restaurant facilities industry. RFMA equips facility managers with the knowledge and skills to manage their facilities more efficiently, from time-tested techniques to innovative solutions. Joining RFMA can be an excellent opportunity to connect with a network of vendor service providers and facility professionals.

RFMA members can take advantage of the unique mentorship programs for emerging professionals in facility management. Leadership in RFMA is another outstanding 12-month program geared towards enhancing career and leadership potential.

International Facility Management Association (IFMA)

IFMA is one of the largest and most well-known global facility manager associations. The organization helps its members accelerate their careers through a strong network. The robust, close-knit community meets through chapter functions, online forums, and IFMA events. 

Members also can take advantage of the extensive training programs offered. Another benefit is the opportunity to get IFMA-certified, which is an industry-leading and respected credential for facility managers.

At IFMA, facility managers can acquire the skills to stand out as leaders in the industry and create a legacy. The organization empowers its members to achieve their career goals faster with lasting knowledge and support.

Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)

For over a century, BOMA has been a leading facility management association for commercial real estate professionals. BOMA supports service providers, managers, owners, and other facility management professionals with an extensive network of global affiliates and U.S. local associations. 

As a member of BOMA, the opportunities are extensive. Events, training, and conferences help advance the careers of real estate facility managers. BOMA awards scholarships for early-career facility managers to put towards earning the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) certificate. 

By joining BOMA, facility management professionals can build valuable connections and stay informed with the latest industry trends and forecasts. Members also receive significant discounts on merchant services, building supplies, expedited shipping, and more. 

Joining one of the above facility manager associations in 2022 can be a great career move with rewarding opportunities. 

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