June 25, 2021

Top 10 California Handyman Services for Facility Managers

Facility managers almost always have multiple vendor needs reflective of the huge responsibilities they have. The simple reality is that more California handyman service providers are needed than are available. From walls to floors to roofs and everything in-between, here are the top 10 California handyman service and repair requests by facility managers.

Drywall Installation and Repair

Although it’s not common for the same facility manager to keep calling about drywall, California handyman service providers who can professionally hang and install drywall are in high demand. After all, it takes a dedicated attention to detail to install drywall properly.

Fixture Replacements and Repairs

Again, it isn’t overly common that the same facility manager will need washroom fixtures replaced on a regular basis. Yes, repairs do sometimes happen. But, it’s more common to replace all of the fixtures in a facility during a renovation. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if you receive a call from a desperate California facility manager stating that the faucet isn’t working properly! 

Basic Plumbing and Remodeling

Earlier, we mentioned fixtures. As an extension of that, another high demand California handyman service is plumbing. Some buildings may still have older and inefficient copper plumbing. Others will have the occasional pipe burst. In either situation, if you’re a skilled plumber, you’ll never be in short supply of work.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Everyone needs a good painter. Both interior and exterior painting are trades that are in high demand. And typically, there isn’t a lot of overlap between the two as vendors tend to specialize in one or the other. It’s also common for California handyman service providers to receive phone calls after the first vendor (drywall) completes their installation or repair.

Exterior Building Power Washing

As a part of a preventative maintenance program, most facility managers will schedule a building power washing. Usually, these are not emergency requests unless there’s been vandalism of some kind on the property. However, it is still a much-needed service.

Tile & Flooring Installation

Facility managers usually reach out to California handyman service providers to schedule these for a building restoration or renovation. It’s true that all of these requests have to be done correctly. However, there’s something a bit different about carpet and tile installation. Carpet that wasn’t stretched properly or tile that was installed with the wrong kind of grout pose additional challenges and can incur more cost.

Window Replacement and Repair

Windows occasionally get broken or, due to age, need replacing. When a facility manager needs this type of work done, they want the best California handyman service available. From installing energy-efficient options to simply replacing damaged windows, these calls can range from emergency situations to scheduled maintenance.

Appliance Repair and Replacement

The stove isn’t working in the break room. The refrigerator stops making ice. A new microwave needs to be hung. Each of these is an important appliance project. There’s always something to be done and facility managers frequently call their trusted general contractor for tasks such as these.

Simple Electrical Wiring

Although there isn’t anything necessarily simple about electrical work, it’s a trade everyone will need at some time. Facility managers often reach out due to outlets that won’t work, lights that won’t turn on, or similar issues. Due to the sensitive nature of electrical wiring, facility managers expect to see up-to-date licenses, insurance coverage, and ongoing training verifications.

Renovations and Demolitions  

Throughout this blog, we’ve mentioned renovations several times. Usually, a facility manager will reach out to a general contractor for demolitions and renovations, as they often subcontract out some of the skills (such as electrical or plumbing) to more experienced California handyman service providers.

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