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June 25, 2021

Common California handyman repair tools.

Top 10 California Handyman Services for Facility Managers

Facility managers almost always have multiple vendor needs reflective of the huge responsibilities they have. The simple reality is that more California handyman service providers are needed than are available…


June 23, 2021

Handyman repair services and lumber.

Managing Lumber Costs with Handyman Repair Services

As we’re sure you know by now, the price of lumber skyrocketed upwards of 300% due to the pandemic. And it’s not just lumber: everything from drywall to…


June 22, 2021

Commercial handyman company employee providing maintenance.

4 Benefits of Using a Facility Management Company to Hire a Handyman Company

Facilities management is the most significant task facing property owners. At times, coordinating the countless services you need can be overwhelming. That is especially true if you need to vet…


June 20, 2021

Commercial California handyman with red wrench.

3 Challenges of Hiring a California Handyman

For facility managers in California, there’s no end to the ongoing maintenance and repair requirements for these commercial buildings. Things just keep coming up, and interviewing a new California…


June 17, 2021

California commercial handyman with tool belt.

Facility Manager’s Blueprint: Commercial Handyman Services in California

As a facility manager, you have a long list of responsibilities. To complete all of them to the highest standards, you naturally have to delegate or hire others to take…



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