February 3, 2021

7 Benefits of Commercial Surveillance Cameras for Facility Managers

Security should always be top of mind for successful facility managers. There is a range of useful measures facility managers can put into place to increase security. Installing commercial surveillance cameras (or multiple cameras) is one of the most effective security strategies that facility managers can employ. In this post, we will examine the top seven reasons facility managers should install a commercial surveillance camera system.

#1 – A Commercial Surveillance Camera Improves Outside Safety

Installing commercial surveillance cameras will decrease safety risks in the outside areas around the building. A visible camera on the exterior of a facility is an excellent deterrent to dangerous, inappropriate, and criminal behavior.

Using commercial surveillance cameras helps to ensure that employees can enter and exit the building more securely. This is especially true if the camera offers a live feed. Security cameras can supplement other important safety measures, such as the presence of security personnel.

Modern commercial surveillance camera technology allows security personnel and facility managers to watch live feeds on their tablets or phones. This makes live surveillance easier, more versatile, and more effective than ever.

#2 – Video Cameras Can Decrease Vandalism

The use of exterior security cameras will decrease the risk of vandalism to your facility. This is effective for a couple of reasons. First off, many potential vandals will be deterred by the presence of a commercial security camera.

Additionally, if a case of vandalism does occur, security camera footage can be instrumental in identifying the responsible individual. This leads us to the next advantage of installing surveillance cameras.

#3 – Assist Law Enforcement Personnel

As was mentioned above, a commercial security camera is an effective crime deterrent. But if a crime does occur in your facility, having video footage of the criminal can help the police to close the case.

Because modern surveillance cameras can record clear video and audio, they can provide highly effective evidence for police. If a crime has occurred in your facility, surveillance camera footage will also serve as evidence for liability protection.

#4 – Documentation of All Business Activity in Your Facility

Installing commercial surveillance cameras provides you with documentation of all relevant activity that takes place in your facility. This documentation can be helpful for resolving financial discrepancies, as well as questions of potential misconduct.

Using surveillance cameras is both a personnel safety measure and an aid to the security of the facility’s business operations. Footage can be stored digitally on hard drives or network servers. This allows certified personnel to search through the footage quickly and conveniently.

#5 – Less Security Personnel Equals Less Overhead

While integrating the use of cameras into other security approaches is highly effective, they can also help you cut costs. When you install commercial surveillance cameras, a single security specialist can do the work that previously required more employees.

Security cameras have the potential to decrease your facility’s overhead costs by automating some of the surveillance previously done by workers.

#6 – Security Cameras Can Help Prevent Theft and Robbery

As we have mentioned before, surveillance cameras offer an effective deterrent to crime. This is true both outside of and inside your facility. While outdoor cameras will prevent external property damage, cameras in your facility deter theft and dishonesty by untrustworthy employees.

#7 – Easy to Install in Multiple Retail Locations

Installing surveillance cameras in multiple retail locations is simple whether you choose a wireless or a wired system. Also, recent technological developments allow facility managers to view footage easily and conveniently from multiple retail locations.

These are only a few of the many reasons to install a commercial surveillance camera system. While facility managers use a range of tools to heighten security, video cameras are one of the most advantageous.

Get Started with the Right Commercial Surveillance Camera Service for You

The advantages of incorporating commercial surveillance cameras into your facility management strategy are undeniable. These cameras offer heightened security and efficiency, transforming how you safeguard your premises. With Branded Group’s national expertise, finding the right service becomes a streamlined process for you. Schedule a consultation today to discover how we can optimize your security strategies for lasting success.

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