November 2, 2020

Protecting Your Brand With Board Ups

It is tempting to think about your brand promise as only the products and services you offer. However, it truly begins the moment your customer pulls into your parking lot or enters your facility. This experience creates a lasting impression that can either jumpstart or squelch brand loyalty.

This year in particular, your brand promise includes the safety of your customers as well as your employees, both in and out of your retail or restaurant facility. Implementing social distancing, mask-wearing, and even temperature checks are part of everyone’s new normal. For some facility managers, planning and implementing board ups may be on today’s to-do list.

What is a Board Up?

Simply put, a board up is a temporary structure placed in front of a storefront, restaurant, or even an office that protects entryways from potential damage due to harsh weather, civil disturbances, or looting. Ensuring that expensive or customized glass, doorways, or other brand-specific signage are shielded enables your business to continue operating while preserving your brand promise.

A typical board up structure consists of a plywood barricade that is attached to the façade of the facility by specialized tradespeople, who are well-versed in efficient and sound installations. In order to continue to provide an entry for customers and employees, temporary access points are also created.

Customizing a Board Up

Board up structures can be painted to match your brand colors and include your logo or other messaging that either directs people in and out of your facility or provides messaging that is uplifting or inspiring. Graphics or other signage can also be included that align with your brand.

Your goal is to create an entryway that protects your facility, while also welcoming visitors. These structures may be in place for weeks or months, so it is important that they appear as seamless as possible.

Scheduling a Board Up

Board up guidelines may be dictated by lease agreements or even community zoning laws. It’s important for facility managers to be familiar with both. Additionally, ensuring ample liability coverage is critical in case any damage does occur.

At Branded Group, we specialize in delivering quality and brand-specific board-ups in a timely and safe manner by our qualified vendors. Most installations are completed in less than one day, depending on the materials needed and current supplies. Additionally, when it is time to remove the structure, items are donated to a local Habitat for Humanity chapter or other local non-profit organization of your choice.

As with all of our facility maintenance services, our customers receive one-on-one support from their account representative who will provide ongoing communications throughout the board up process. We also can paint and customize your board up prior to installation, further streamlining the project.

You can be sure your facility is protected during these challenging times by contacting Branded Group to discuss your board up needs. The #BeBetter team stands ready to help you keep your brand promise today and always.

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