October 23, 2018

A Retail Experience to Remember

If you walk into your favorite retailer, you can easily see that change is in the air. Whether it be the new display cases or bright LED lights or even the addition of a coffee bar, the days of one and done shopping are over. Today’s customer wants to have a shopping experience, where their time in your store becomes something to remember.

It’s called “retailtainment,” and it’s likely the biggest trend hitting retail in quite some time. But what exactly is this new form of shopping that’s causing a stir in the industry and more importantly, are you ready for it?

Retail Plus Entertainment Equals Memories.

Retailtainment is defined simply as the combination of retail and entertainment. It’s creating fun and memorable experiences for customers unlike they’ve ever seen. It is these experiences, industry experts predict, that will drive your customers off their digital devices and into your physical store locations.

Consider this scenario. A customer walks into your store, is warmly greeted, and asked what brings them in. They are pointed in the direction of their desired products, invited to stop at the snack bar, or even to bypass long lines with your new self-service checkout. They’re given a free re-usable shopping bag and if they’re a first-time customer, an online coupon for their next visit.

These small actions, delivered purposefully and authentically, have the potential to leave a lasting impression in your customer’s mind. Clearly they transcend the “point and click” online experience. However, if you’re like many retailers, you may want to “try before you buy.” If so, retail pop-ups may be just the ticket.

Testing the Retail Waters with Pop-Up Stores

Many of our retail customers have begun to dip their toe into retail pop-ups, which are temporary shops designed to test out a new product line, offer seasonal goods, or determine if a particular site is worthy of a permanent store. These “micro-stores,” placed within a shopping mall or free-standing in a town square, are rich sources of consumer market research that can drive richer customer experiences in the associated permanent locations.

Branded Group’s Special Projects team has been instrumental in the design and delivery of a variety of pop-up stores for its customers. One up-and-coming retailer was so happy with their temporary space, they decided to make it a permanent extension of their store. They’ve remodeled it and will use it to introduce new product extensions. Rather than risk building out a portion of their permanent store for a product line that may not take off, they can give it a cost-effective test run with their permanent pop-up.

A pop-up store experience is akin to a targeted focus group. You can use the information gathered in conversations with customers to identify what they might look for in a larger retail store experience. These exchanges can fuel decisions for your permanent store locations and the potential facelifts that will be needed to create a memorable retail experience.

Refresh. Remodel. Rebrand.

For our customers looking to transform their existing stores into a retailtainment destination, Branded Group’s industry-leading formula may be just the ticket. This tried-and-true method, based in strong customer and vendor relationships, has proven to be the winning combination for our retail customers.

From the onset of the decision to refresh, remodel, or rebrand:

  • A single point of contact is established within Branded Group, serving as the project manager for the duration of the project and beyond.
  • A detailed project plan is developed and communicated with the customer and vendors, outlining each deliverable with timelines and milestones.
  • Project updates are communicated daily via detailed “After Action Reports” that include photos of work completed as well as work scheduled for the next day.

Customers are continually apprised of their project status via online tools and their dedicated project manager. In short, the Branded Group team proactively delivers a transparent experience to our customers so that in turn, they can deliver an experience to remember for theirs.

At Branded Group, we don’t just help you build a store. We help you build your brand. With the expertise of our Special Projects team, along with our preferred vendors, you can count on us to help transform your retail facility into a must-see retail destination.

If you would like to learn more about Branded Group’s Special Projects Services, please call us at 323-940-1444. At Branded Group we’re always ready to help you #BeBetter!

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