February 15, 2018

Do More for Your Doors

If your entryway isn’t sending a welcoming message to your customers, it may be time to contact the #BeBetter team. As industry experts in the installation and maintenance of a wide variety of commercial doors, in the “front and back of the house,” Branded Group is meticulous about providing solutions that are cost-efficient and long-lasting, saving their clients time and money.

It Starts With a Call

Whether Mother Nature or simple wear and tear damaged your storefront door, a call to Branded Group is the first step to full restoration. As a best practice, Branded Group recommends supplying details as well as pictures for the work being requested. A picture is worth a thousand words and having photos of the damaged door, hinges, lock mechanism, or frame can greatly assist the technician in identifying the root cause.

The work order, coupled with the detailed information Branded Group gathers about each client’s specific needs, enables them to quickly develop proposals that are accurate and easily approved by corporate office personnel, often in a matter of days.

Can We Fix It? Yes, We Can!

To the untrained eye, a door is a simple device. It is usually made of glass and steel, has a lock, and possibly a handle to easily open and close it. Yet to the preferred vendors that partner with Branded Group on their repair and maintenance, a door is so much more.

The aesthetics of their entryways are part of their brand for many retail establishments. Whether they choose large Herculite doors or those made of glass surrounded by aluminum framing, each has specific requirements for ease of use, safety, and longevity. For example, front doors, which are open to the public, are typically high use-doors, opening and closing hundreds of times each day. Back of the house doors, sometimes for employees or delivery personnel, must have complex locking mechanisms or panic bars to guarantee the safety of its users. Specialized or hi-tech doors for freezers or other equipment are more commonplace for our restaurant clients.

No matter the size, shape, or requirements for usage, Branded Group’s network of experienced technicians possesses a wealth of experience to address any challenge that may come along.

If It’s Not Broken, Fix It Anyway

While the #BeBetter team stands ready 24/7/365 to service a variety of doors for our clients, we regularly consult with them on proactive methods to increase the longevity of this investment. Whether it is employee training on proper daily use or avoiding expensive repairs by conducting regular preventative maintenance, our goal is to ensure the safety and security for the store, its employees and its customers.

Additionally, by working with a select group of preferred vendors, our clients can rest assured that the technician arriving at their business is well-versed in the repair to be made, and able to holistically review and make recommendations for every door’s well-being.

At Branded Group, we realize that there are many moving parts when it comes to the doors at your business. We’re here to ensure that your focus remains on the customer experience once inside, not on the doorway through which they entered. Providing peace of mind to our clients by delivering outstanding service is our brand promise.

If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive door services, please give us a call at 323-940-1444. At Branded Group we’re always ready to help you #BeBetter!

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