January 19, 2022

A Facility Manager’s Guide to Commercial Window Cleaning Companies

Facility managers have a variety of responsibilities to handle. There is much to balance daily, from building maintenance and safety to budgeting. If you add in trying to hire individual service providers, the responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming, particularly when commercial window cleaning companies.

One way to ease the burden is by leveraging a facility service provider. A facility service provider can help you find cleaning services and can help you find the top commercial window cleaning companies in your area. Read on to learn why leveraging a facility service provider can benefit you.

Partnering with the Best Commercial Window Cleaning Companies

Facility service providers have relationships with many commercial buildings, so they are sought-after partners for commercial window cleaning companies. This dynamic means only the best cleaning companies partner with facility service providers.

Commercial window cleaning companies that are not reliable or do not do good work won’t be selected by facility service providers. Therefore, you can be confident that the cleaning company recommended by the facility service provider is reliable and reputable.

Long-Standing Relationships with Vendors

Most facility service providers have built their businesses over time and created trust in the community. Part of this equation is establishing long-standing relationships with vendors, including commercial window cleaning companies.

Long-standing relationships can mean several things for your building. First, they are an indication that the vendor has provided quality work and fair pricing over many years. 

Second, these relationships can often lead to more flexibility than you’d have with a new vendor. For example, you may receive better access to pricing, priority scheduling, and more.

Facility Managers Will Get High-Quality Window Maintenance

Facility managers have to worry about more than cleaning when it comes to windows. They must also be concerned about window maintenance, including minor repairs, re-sealing, and other tasks. 

Not all window maintenance is equal. High-quality window maintenance is critical to preserving commercial windows and will ensure that they will safely withstand constant exposure to the elements. In contrast, low-quality maintenance does little to preserve the durability of commercial windows and can even damage the glass.

The advantage of working with a facility service provider is they can access high-quality window maintenance providers. Their business depends on finding professional partners, so you can rest assured that the window maintenance contractors they rely on provide quality work. 

Overall Improved Predictable Costs and Savings

Another benefit of working with a facility service provider is that they can provide more predictable costs and even save you money when it comes to hiring commercial window cleaning companies. 

Facility service providers have done countless window cleaning jobs and, therefore, have a big data set to draw from when predicting cost. The chances are that they’ve facilitated a cleaning job that was similar in size and scope to your building, so they’ll be able to provide a fairly accurate cost estimate.

Finally, facility service providers often have access to better pricing than if you go to the market yourself. The reason for this is volume. Facility service providers bring lots of business to their partners, and in exchange, the partners will often provide discounts that get passed along to you. 

If you manage a very large building or multiple properties, the savings can sometimes be considerable. 

Manage Smarter, Not Harder

There’s no reason a facilities manager needs to take on more responsibility than is necessary. Working with a facilities service provider can relieve some of the pressure on the facilities manager and ensure that the building gets the quality services it deserves. 

Incorporating a facilities service provider, like Branded Group, into your team can alleviate the burden on facilities managers and ensure top-notch services for your building. Schedule a consultation with Branded Group today to explore how we can streamline your facility management needs.

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