January 21, 2022

4 Types of Commercial Window Cleaning Services

If you are a facilities manager, you know that keeping the windows of a commercial property clean can require a lot of effort. Constant exposure to the elements means that windows will need to be cleaned routinely to maintain a pleasing appearance and prevent premature wear and tear. As a facility manager, finding the best commercial window cleaning services can be tough, but Branded Group is here to help.

You may need to consider hiring four main types of cleaning companies for your building when it comes to commercial window cleaning services.

Hard Water Removal 

If your windows have hard water stains, you need to hire a specialized service to remove them. Not all commercial window cleaning services include hard water removal, so make sure to ask when you’re considering which company to hire.

If an inexperienced cleaning service attempts to remove hard water the wrong way, it can mean that the hard water will stay on your windows, or even worse, it could cause damage to your windows.

Glass Door Cleaning

While exterior windows are usually top of mind, it can be easy to forget about cleaning glass doors if your building has them. Many commercial window cleaning services will also offer glass door cleaning as part of their business, but not all. 

Glass door cleaning requires different cleaning solutions and materials than external windows, so hire someone who offers this specifically. 

Glass doors can add a modern and elegant look to any building. However, if they are not cleaned properly, then anyone entering the building will notice, which reflects poorly on your skills as a facility manager. 

It is also important to consider how often you’ll need to hire glass door cleaning services. Some buildings can manage with bi-weekly cleanings, while some schedule cleanings multiple times a week. Use your judgment and work with the building owner to determine what is suitable for your situation.

Interior Commercial Windows Cleaning

Since only one side of a window is exposed to the outdoor elements, it can be tempting to overlook the buildup on the interior of commercial windows. Scheduling commercial window cleaning services to clean interior windows requires a different level of research than exterior window cleaners. 

Interior cleaners will need more access to your building and may interact with employees (or even customers) in the building. When hiring an interior window cleaner, make sure to communicate clearly about what is expected in terms of schedule so you can prepare the business accordingly.

It is also good to educate yourself about the chemicals the cleaning service will use on the interior windows, as some cleaning chemicals can be harsh for indoor environments.

Exterior Commercial Windows Cleaning

Ensuring that the exterior windows of a commercial building are clean is critical to good facilities management. Clean windows reflect well on the building and the business or businesses occupying that building. 

When hiring a commercial window cleaning service for exterior windows, ask about the safety protocols, schedule, and insurance. 

If your building contains multiple stories, window washers will have to scale the building to clean them properly. This is dangerous work, and the last thing you want is an accident while on watch. 

Good safety protocols, in addition to insurance, can help avoid these mishaps. In addition, exterior window washers can distract both employees in the building and customers, so be clear about the cleaning schedule and when you want these appointments to happen.

Now, Stay Clean

Knowing which types of services your building requires (like commercial window cleaning services) and researching before hiring cleaning companies can go a long way in ensuring your building stays in top condition. This is a critical part of being a facilities manager! Need help finding cleaning companies for each of the four services? Branded Group has an extensive, vetted vendor network that you can tap into! Schedule a consultation with a Branded Group team member today.

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