May 17, 2017

Kiira Belonzi: One To Watch

Branded Group’s Vice President of Business Development Kiira Belonzi was recently named one of PRSM’s 2017 People to Watch. She was one of only 12 outstanding industry leaders showcased.

In 2014, Esposito co-founded Branded Group with CEO Michael Kurland.

“We wanted to be able to take the lessons we learned from our past experiences and apply them as a supplier, customer, and employer in the industry. This lead to our motto: Be Better,” Esposito said.

She reminds employees and job seekers that patience is valued and much needed in the ever-changing facilities maintenance industry.

“You must be patient with the job and with the day-to-day work. It takes a very specific personality to be successful in this industry, and patience is a necessity.”

Connect with Kiira via LinkedIn or drop her a line at

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