October 13, 2016

RFMA Gives the Opportunity to Give Back

The Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA), which promotes the advancement of the restaurant facility management professional, also focuses on advancing the lives of the underserved. Through its annual RFMA Gives initiative, the association selects a charitable shelter or kitchen that is need of repair. The recipient organization is located in the city where RFMA hosts its annual conference.

RFMA Gives 2017 will harness the talents and resources of RFMA members to remodel Orlando Florida’s Daily Bread, a core program of the Christian Service Center. The goal of Central Florida’s Daily Bread is to alleviate hunger locally. It serves a free lunch to over 500 people six days per week. Additionally, through its Backpacks of Love program, Daily Bread brings meals to schools, supplying 300 children daily with food for home.

Branded Group’s Vice President of Business Development, Kiira Belonzi, participated in this year’s RFMA Gives Volunteer Day where she assisted with the project site’s landscaping needs such as planting bushes, laying sod, trimming trees, and clearing the area.

“Participating in RFMA Gives provided a very meaningful experience because homelessness is a social issue that I am passionate about eradicating,” Kiira said. “It’s inspiring that, as an industry, we come together with such generosity for another community. We are grateful to RFMA for mobilizing this effort that truly touches lives.”

Kiira was one of 160 industry volunteers that completed projects including painting the interior of the Daily Bread building, painting the exterior of all three building’s on the Daily Bread’s property, cleaning out and reorganizing the clothes pantry, and remodeling the restroom. The initiative will be completed by early March when RFMA hosts its annual conference.

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