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To Michael Kurland, Be Better is more than a tagline for the company he founded, it’s a culture that permeates his organization, propelling the team to Be Better to each other, their customers and their communities as well as to themselves. Each week on the #BeBetter podcast, Michael interviews leaders who authentically exemplify how they are being better in their professional and personal lives.

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Season Four

Alix Greenberg portrait

“You can do whatever you want with your life.”

—Alix Greenberg


52. How to Make Your Business Bigger Than You with Alix Greenberg

Jeff Grass portrait

“It’s exciting to come to work every day if you’re having a positive impact.”

—Jeff Grass


51. Create a Culture of Inclusion and Innovation with Jeff Grass

Nanette Hucknall portrait

“If everybody on the planet started working with their higher selves, we would have peace.”

—Nanette V. Hucknall

Higher Self Yoga Inc.

50. Developing Your Higher Self with Nanette Hucknall

Jevon McCormick portrait

“I had every reason to succeed because I learned lessons in life that most people will never encounter.”

—JeVon McCormick

Scribe Media

49. How to Create an Award-Winning Culture by Putting People First with JeVon McCormick

Chris Albert portrait

“You need good people in your life. You can’t just be an island.”

—Chris Albert

Warrior Soul podcast

48. How to Overcome Setbacks and Achieve Your Goals with Chris Albert

Michael and Brian Speciale portraits

“Anything can happen in life, even in the darkest hours and darkest places.”

—Michael & Brian Speciale

Cozy Comfort Company

47. How to Launch a Successful Business by Never Taking No For An Answer with Michael & Brian Speciale

Peter Laughter portrait

“Having a life without meaning is just unacceptable.”

—Peter Laughter

True Bearing

46. How to Get Excited About Going to Work with Peter Laughter

Jan Friedlander Svendsen portrait

“Just add value.”

—Jan Friedlander Svendsen

Charity Network

45. How to Be Purposefully Philanthropic with Jan Friedlander Svendsen

Anne Corley Baum portrait

“If you don’t ask, the answer is always no because you didn’t even give the other person a chance.”

—Anne Corley Baum

Capital Blue Cross

44. How Taking Risks Reaps Big Rewards with Anne Corley Baum

Scarlett Lewis portrait

“You have to love and appreciate yourself before you can do that for others.”

—Scarlett Lewis

Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

43. When Tragedy Strikes, Choose to Be Part of the Solution with Scarlett Lewis

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