June 1, 2022

Why Branded Group Is One of the Best Facilities Management Companies in the Nation

Why does Branded Group continue to be considered one of the top facilities management (FM) companies? There’s no shortage of reasons why it’s a favorite of many business owners. 

Focusing on a Variety of Services

Branded Group can facilitate a wide array of services for business owners. From proactive preventative maintenance to emergency services, an industry expert on the Branded Group team is ready to assist. 

With facility leaders that have been in the industry, the FM services come with a higher level of communication and understanding.

If you need help with ongoing facility maintenance, Branded Group has you covered on that front. Big-picture special projects that require more foresight and planning are Branded Group’s strengths. Regardless of the service you need, this is an FM provider with a solution for all of your facility needs.

Customized Brand Awareness

Branded Group is highly sensitive to your brand and how integral it is to the success of your business. That’s why the Branded Group team goes to great lengths to ensure that all of our interactions are done with your brand promise in mind. 

Complete with valued vendor partnerships and industry expertise, this FM provider can uphold all of your brand promises with a unique depth of understanding.

The Power of Partnership

Facilities management companies are an essential part of the success of businesses worldwide. Their active role in industry associations like ConnexFM (formerly PRMS), RFMA, and IFMA showcases their dedication to the advancement of facilities management. Branded Group believes that when these FM companies work together, everyone wins.

Branded Group is also committed to success through partnerships with vendors. They work with an invitation-only preferred vendor network, so you’ll always have access to vendors that deliver incredible services. 

The BeBetter Values

Branded Group believes that a company built on shared values can make all of the difference. They’ve created the BeBetter values to be the North Star that helps guide their team throughout their partnerships with companies. These values include adaptability, honesty, loyalty, altruism, and being better for yourself and your community.

The BeBetter core values demonstrate just how much emphasis Branded Group puts on its business integrity. It’s an enormous part of their company culture, and they vow to bring this integrity to any of your projects. 

Exemplary Leadership

Leadership is about more than delegation; it’s about understanding and compassion. Everyone from the top executives to your FM coordinator will have these fundamental core values at the forefront of their minds. The BeBetter philosophy is woven into the leadership at Branded Group and translates into incredible results for both them and their clients.

Recognition in the Industry

Branded Group isn’t only considered one of the best facilities management companies by their clients. It’s also been formally acknowledged within the FM industry. Branded Group has received exceptional client services, outstanding employee engagement and retention, leadership, and community involvement awards.

Giving Back to the Community

The core values of Branded Group extend beyond their work as one of the best facilities management companies. They have an active hand in improving communities through social impact initiatives. These programs focus on doing everything from providing food and housing to families to cleaning up the environment to scholarships for up and coming FM technicians.

A Company with Capability, Conscience, and Culture

Branded Group continues to solidify itself as one of the top facilities management companies in the U.S. They provide the most comprehensive FM services available through a wide variety of services, unwavering set of core values, and strong leadership. 

They’re a fantastic choice if you’re looking for experts in the industry who align purpose with profit.

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