April 27, 2022

10 Best Facility Maintenance Jobs in North America

Facility maintenance jobs are essential in almost every type of industry. The role of the facility maintenance professional is crucial in ensuring that all of the electrical and mechanical systems are running correctly. The nature of the job can range from building maintenance and groundskeeping to highly specialized mechanical care. 

The career prospects for facility maintenance jobs look promising, and the opportunities for growth are abundant. Some maintenance workers are knowledgeable in various areas, such as plumbing, carpentry, and electrical repairs. Many others choose to specialize in a niche area or specific type of equipment. 

Top 10 Facility Maintenance Jobs to Consider

A facility maintenance career is excellent for individuals who love to fix issues, are good with their hands, and enjoy interacting with a variety of professionals.

Chief Facilities Officer

A chief facilities officer is responsible for planning, developing, and supervising all of the functions in a facility. Short-term and long-term goal setting and negotiating conflicts with various personnel are requirements. Aligning with the company’s values and building an effective, aesthetic environment to improve quality of life is crucial. 

Requiring everything from exceptional management ability to strong communication skills, this facility maintenance job comes with excellent remuneration and growth potential.

Vice President (VP) of Facilities

The VP of facilities oversees the management and maintenance of specific facilities within an organization. 

They lead facility teams to ensure all tasks are completed on time and accurately. From developing management programs to coordinating with professionals, a VP’s job comprises keeping equipment, supplies, and buildings in perfect order.

Facilities Director

Positions as facilities directors are sought-after facility maintenance jobs. These professionals monitor budgets, approve contracts, and oversee various systems in the building. Mechanical, plumbing, waste management, fire safety, electrical, and life safety are just some areas that a facility director oversees.  

Facilities Manager

A facilities manager is responsible for the maintenance, security, and various services of work facilities. One primary aspect of the job entails meeting the needs of the employees and the organization. Essentially, these professionals take care of the services that a business needs to function and do its work.

Facilities Management Individual Contributors

Sometimes, a company might hire an individual contributor such as a commercial handyman to take care of a specific area of facility work. This job is ideal for contractors with highly specialized skills that can be crucial for the organization’s operations.

Facilities Coordinator

Coordinator is one of the most in-demand facilities maintenance jobs. Facilities coordinators are responsible for the maintenance of the building

Whether it is an office premise or a residential building, they play a significant role in maintenance. A facility coordinator plays an important part in keeping the buildings safe and ensuring all devices and equipment operate well.

Facilities Engineer

People in this role are responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining the equipment and infrastructure of facilities and buildings. 

Facilities engineers work skilled facility maintenance jobs that can be fulfilling and rewarding. A facilities engineer does everything from resource allocation and designing safety processes to analyses of energy use and operational processes.

Facilities Space Planner

Participating in one of the many promising facilities maintenance jobs in the US, facilities space planners play an important role. They coordinate space inventory data. From analyzing current space to managing information and recommending enhanced space functionality, facilities space planners bring immense value to their employers.

Facilities Safety and Security Officer

The facility safety and security officer is in charge of keeping the premises safe by controlling access to the facility. They are responsible for the security and safety of the employees, residents, and visitors. Additionally, their job is to ensure that the building facilities are protected and safe.

Facilities Technician

Facilities technician is one of the most hands-on facility maintenance jobs. Also known as maintenance technicians, these professionals are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the building. This work involves property, machinery, equipment, and systems within the premises.

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