March 30, 2022

What Makes Branded Group an Industry Leader as a Facility Management Company?

Branded Group is a leading facility management company that understands your brand standards and is ready to help you take it to the next level. As a reputed provider of facility management services, Branded Group brings many significant advantages to its clients. 

From robust industry expertise to strategic vendor partnerships, the company is committed to standing by its exemplary brand promises.

Branded Group provides exceptional special projects, preventive maintenance programs, facility management services, maintenance programs, and emergency services to companies 24/7. As a leading industry expert, the company is affiliated with prestigious facility management associations, such as IFMA, RFMA, and PRSA.

As a conscientious and altruistic company, Branded Group is a model facility management company that genuinely cares about its clients, employees, and society. Let’s look at a few ways in which this trusted facility management company stands out among its counterparts.

Be Better Culture 

The #BeBetter philosophy drives the leadership at the Branded Group. Its highly-skilled employees are leading experts in the industry and are dedicated to standing by their collective vision and demonstrating excellence on a day-to-day basis.

The company is committed to being socially responsible and making an incredible impact on communities. With its revolutionary and out-of-the-box approach, Branded Group is making a difference all around the United States.

Better Service, Technology, and Solutions

Branded Group strives to provide its clients with the most effective, sophisticated, and cost-effective services and solutions. As a premier facility management company, its technology experts are adept at developing highly customized and adaptable solutions. 

Clients benefit from the best implementation of everything from strategic space management tools to touchless technologies and highly efficient enterprise asset management software. 

The company also specializes in the latest advances in AI-based technologies, smart building technologies powered by IoT, and sensor technologies.

Nationwide Coverage

Branded Group comprises an extensive network of reliable and trusted vendor partners committed to being a part of the #BeBetter team. The exceptional vendor partners strive to provide clients nationwide with seamless and highly effective services.

As a facility management company that stands for excellence, the professional vendor management team works relentlessly towards clients’ success. It is not surprising that with world-class vendor partners and highly skilled teams, Branded Group understands business goals and delivers results that surpass expectations.


Branded Group leads with the #BeBetter philosophy. Under the able leadership of its CEO, Michael Kurland, the company has been a pioneer in committing itself to its values and vision. The leadership at Branded Group cares deeply about its community of clients, vendors, and employees.

A strong dedication to core values and work ethics has catapulted growth and earned Branded Group its top position as a respectable facility management company.

Vision and Values

Branded Group takes it one step further and strives to be a conscious business. It stands behind its core humanitarian beliefs and has built long-standing relationships. 

The company strives to provide the highest level of service and strengthen connections with effective communication.

As a socially-conscious facility management company, Branded Group emphasizes the values of integrity, dedication, humility, honesty, adaptability, and altruism.

Giving Back

Resonating with its conscientious approach, Branded Group strongly believes in giving back to the community and making the world a better place. The company proudly supports many of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. 

From working alongside world leaders to dedicating volunteering time for impactful changes, Branded Group is passionate about local and global causes.

Over the years, the respectable facility management company has built a solid foundation of core values, integrity, and service excellence to emerge as a clear visionary leader.

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