March 2, 2022

The 5 Best Facility Manager Software Solutions to Use in 2022

Facility management software can offer significant advantages to the busy facility manager. Whether you are a facility manager at a corporate office, educational institution, factory, construction site, or restaurant, problems with maintenance and organization are part of the job. 

Facility manager software solutions can extend your professional capabilities by streamlining operations and maximizing productivity. Here is a list of the five best facility management software platforms available today.


ServiceChannel is a leading facility manager software platform used by multi-location industry leaders, such as Louis Vuitton, CVS Health, and Trader Joe’s. The software helps professionals maintain every campus and building by providing exceptional visibility and control over the facilities. 

ServiceChannel is a comprehensive suite of mobile and cloud-based software solutions that enhance the customer experience and dial down unexpected issues. ServiceChannel does everything from finding suppliers and contractors to tracking work orders and registering service requests to processing payments.

Another powerful feature of ServiceChannel is its data-driven analytics. The platform offers detailed insights into service quality across all locations and contractors. 


An all-in-one facility manager software application, Ecotrak helps companies build fully customized platforms to align with their unique values and standards. The software provides sophisticated analytics to track facility spending by location, asset, and manufacturer. Another advantage of Ecotrak is its easy-to-use mobile technology.

From approving invoices and proposals in a matter of minutes to placing a service request in seconds, Ecotrak can be an asset to any facility manager. Another helpful feature is the built-in decision-making tool that can help you make educated decisions in real-time. 

Ecotrak retains its spot as one of the five best facility manager software solutions. It offers everything from asset and equipment management to cost optimization and project management.


FacilitySource drives performance with an elite network of service providers and state-of-the-art technology at the helm of innovative, on-demand facilities management. The platform can reduce the amount of time spent on mundane work while optimizing your facilities.

The award-winning facility manager software packs a punch with its powerful functionalities and features. From a user-friendly mobile app to advanced picture-taking functionality for work orders and dedicated service teams, you are in good hands.

FacilitySource uses the largest data repository in the industry to manage operations, benchmark performance, increase savings, and reduce expenses. 


With an impressive client list that includes Orange Theory Fitness and Gold’s Gym, OpenWrench is a popular facility management software platform. The unique solution serves as a one-stop shop to communicate, manage costs, track maintenance, and enhance customer experience. 

A seamless, straightforward communications panel enables your team and vendors to track and report problems in one place. Work orders are automatically routed to the appropriate technician or contractor based on skills and location. Use the mobile app or website to get real-time updates from the field. 

From robust data analytics functionality to efficient equipment tracking and automatic scheduling, OpenWrench redefines how facility maintenance is handled. 


Lauded as one of the most powerful facility manager software solutions, Corrigo has over 4.3 million users globally. The easy-to-use customer portal seamlessly initiates and tracks all proposals, work requests, quotes, and billing. Improve performance across teams, assets, and facilities with comprehensive dashboards and insights.

Automate routine maintenance tasks and simplify work order management and vendor management with an interoperable platform. Use the on-demand FM expertise to draw from decades of facility management knowledge as often as you need. 

Corrigo uses AI-driven forecasting tools to optimize and predict spending. With work order automation, you can improve employee efficiency by up to 75%. Overall, Corrigo provides an exceptional FM operation experience to facility managers.

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