February 28, 2022

The 5 Best Facility Manager Certifications to Further Your Career

Getting a facility manager certification can significantly enhance your career as a facility manager. An accredited certificate can be a catalyst to your success by helping you grow professionally and opening many doors. 

As a facility manager, it is crucial to keep up with the latest advances in maintenance management tools, regulations, methodologies, and techniques, no matter where you are in your career. A reputable facility manager certificate is a solid investment that will help you get noticed and attest to your knowledge and skills in the industry.

Certification can be a stepping stone for technical maintenance professionals to enter management roles. Regardless of the stage of your career, there are many benefits to getting certified. 

Here are five facility manager certifications that can provide great value for your time, effort, and money.

Certified Facility Manager (CFM)

The CFM certificate offered by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is one of the most sought-after credentials in the industry. This facility manager certification assesses facility management competency through education and work experience. 

As an advanced certificate program, it is recommended that you have at least five years of work experience. The CFM exam covers the eleven core topics of facility management. After successfully completing the modules, the professional can take the exam. 

The CFM certificate has been an industry standard for excellence for over 25 years. Earning the certificate has been a positive career experience for many professionals, with an average salary increase of $6000 in the first year.

Facilities Management Administrator (FMA)

The FMA designation is offered by the Independent Institute for Property and Facility Management Education. This accredited facility manager certification is thorough, requiring professionals to have at least three years of field experience.

Candidates must complete multiple courses that focus on planning, worker safety, environmental health, project management, and more. The rigorous program ends with a capstone experience and exam. 

FMA certification equips facility managers and operations and maintenance professionals with the deep knowledge and skills required to boost their careers.

Certified Property Manager (CPM)

Awarded by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), CPM is a valued real estate facility manager certificate. Professionals with CPM certifications are regarded as experts in the real estate industry.

In order to start the process of becoming a CPM, you will have to join the IREM and enroll in the eight courses in the sequence. The capstone exam comprises a two-part assessment, including Management Plan Skills Assessment (MPSA) and the CPM certification exam (CPMEXM).

Earning a CPM may result in many benefits, including promotions, a higher salary, an expanded network, and enhanced professional credibility.

Retail Facility Maintenance Professional (RFMP)

Offered by Project Resourcing and Schedule Management (PRSM), now Connex, the RFMP certification has undergone historical evolution. The facility manager certification has been widely regarded as a milestone in an individual’s professional journey.

Professionals with RFMP certificates can use the prestigious designation in their titles. Not only does earning an RFMP boost careers, but candidates will also be part of an elite group of retail facility professionals that have excelled in the field.

Certified Restaurant Facility Professional (CRFP)

The CRFP is a facility manager certification that demonstrates profound knowledge in all aspects of facility management. The program was designed to elevate the standards for restaurant facility management. 

Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) members with work experience can take a prep course and then take the proctored exam. The assessment tests their knowledge in 14 key areas of facility management, including site work, financial planning, and kitchen equipment.

Earning the CRFP certification demonstrates a high passion for excellence in the service industry. The elite professionals who have earned their CRFP come from various backgrounds and companies.

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