January 14, 2022

Commercial Digital Signage vs. Traditional Building Signage

If you are not in the signage business, you may not be familiar with the different types of signage available to companies. There are various solutions for different-sized buildings and different climates. Two of the most common types are commercial digital signage and traditional building signage.

What Is Commercial Digital Signage?

Commercial digital signage is a digital design that displays information, like an advertisement, announcement, or map. Digital signs look similar to TVs but do not include functionality, such as sound. Commercial digital signage is often found in malls, airports, and bus stops.

What Is Traditional Building Signage?

Traditional building signage is a static sign that does not have a digital component. This could be the name of a building or business or a business logo. If you’ve driven past a building and seen a sign with a name or advertisement, that is traditional building signage. It is most commonly used to identify buildings and businesses. It can also display advertisements.

Pros of Digital Signage 

Digital signage is generally more eye-catching than traditional signage. Content can be bright and display active motion. Another benefit of digital signage is that you can update content regularly depending on the message you want to convey at the time. 

Finally, digital signs are a more efficient use of space than traditional signs. With traditional signs, if you have several different messages or logos that need to be displayed, you’d need space for multiple signs. With digital signs, many messages or logos can rotate on a single digital sign.

Cons of Digital Signage

Digital signage can come with an expensive upfront cost. Because of the technology involved, digital signs are often more expensive than traditional signage. Another disadvantage of digital signs is the maintenance. Digital signs are relatively new, so it can be challenging to find an expert who knows how to fix them if something goes wrong. 

Finally, while some traditional signs need no power at all, and some only need power at night, digital signs need power 24/7. Before investing in digital signage, the constant power source and the associated energy bill are costs to consider. 

Pros of Traditional Signage

Traditional signage is often more affordable than digital signage. Less technology is involved, so the upfront cost is almost always less. Another advantage of conventional signage is variety. Digital signs look very similar, but traditional signs can be ordered in almost any shape and size. Traditional signage is often more appropriate for big installations, like skyscraper signs and large advertisements.

Finally, traditional signs require less ongoing maintenance than digital signs. There’s no need to update content or worry about the sign not displaying correctly.

Cons of Traditional Signage

One of the downsides to traditional signage is that it is static and can’t be easily changed. Digital signs let you adjust the advertisement or message with a few clicks, yet traditional signs cannot be changed once they’re made. While investing in traditional signage can be less expensive, it can actually be a more significant commitment than digital signage because you are investing in one sign that will be in place for many years.

Another disadvantage of traditional signage is it is less engaging than digital signage. With digital signage, the options are endless for displaying eye-catching content. Traditional signage can certainly get the attention of customers; however, sometimes, they are easier to overlook. 

What Signage Is Right for You?

Both digital and traditional signs offer businesses unique benefits, but each comes with drawbacks. The decision about which sign to invest in depends on your long-term goals, business needs, and budget.

Select the Right Signage for Your Business: Branded Group is Here to Help

Understanding the distinctions between commercial digital signage and traditional building signage is crucial for businesses seeking effective signage solutions. Whether you’re considering a shift to modern digital displays or prefer the timeless charm of traditional signage, Branded Group is here to assist you in making the right choice for your facility management needs. Schedule a consultation today!

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