October 14, 2021

4 Secrets To Hiring a Commercial Roofing Company

When the time comes to hire a commercial roofing company, do you immediately know who you’re going to hire? Probably not: the existing roof most likely predates your tenure as a facility manager, and unless there’s a problem, you probably haven’t thought much about your preferred contractor. So when the time comes to hire one, here are four strategies to keep in mind.  

Ask For Referrals And Check Online Reviews

When an HR Representative needs to hire a new employee, they always ask for references. These individuals can often provide keen insight into a potential employee’s match with the organization, how they work, and any previous issues or successes. Likewise, any contractor seeking your business should be able to provide you with a list of other businesses they’ve performed work for or have on retainer. 

And, just as with employee hires, online information can offer an additional layer of insight. While employees will almost always provide the references, who will provide them with the most positive feedback, social media profiles can reveal much more about a person. Online reviews of a commercial roofing company will also reveal information about their commitment to quality, how they treat their employees, and how they handle negative feedback.

Do They Have Insurance and Worker’s Compensation?

Both business insurance and workers’ compensation payroll deductions are indicative of a firm that takes what they do seriously. Anyone can climb up on a roof and start hammering down shingles. But if they’re not insured against accidents and liabilities, you’re asking for trouble if you hire them. In addition, a fly-by-night organization won’t hesitate to pay employees under the table to save on workers’ comp costs.

A business owner who uses payroll personnel, complete with worker’s compensation considerations, demonstrates that they are committed to doing the job right. Insurance coverages can also prove their case as a legitimate operation — and protect you from any on-site accidents too.

Does The Commercial Roofing Company Offer Warranties?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever purchased a product only to have it break down a month after the warranty expires.

Warranties protect your investment against product failure, improper installation, and occasional flaws in the materials. If the commercial roofing company you’re considering hiring doesn’t offer warranties of any kind — or if they’re extremely limited in scope — steer clear. While warranties don’t protect you against acts of nature (that’s why you have business insurance), they should absolutely guarantee the workmanship for a reasonable time period.

Partner With An Integrated Facility Management Company

The final consideration in hiring a commercial roofing company is to work with an Integrated Facility Management organization such as Branded Group. IFM firms understand facility management, what types of yearly maintenance an operation should expect, and the types of questions to ask of contractors. They should also proactively maintain your contractor database, ensuring that everyone listed in it is up to date on their insurance, licenses, and other necessary business information. Finally, an IFM company should be able to handle the entire ticketing process for you, including logging a roofing maintenance incident, contacting the approved vendor, and following up on work completion.

Hiring a commercial roofing company doesn’t have to be stressful

Each of our first three strategies boils down to a single word: research. Before hiring any contractor, you’ll always want to do ample research on their workmanship, how they protect your investment, and their employees.  

Our final strategy revolves around efficiency. Branded Group can alleviate this task. We assist you in evaluating the amassed data, guiding you toward the optimal choice for your facility. Schedule a consultation today to delve deeper into how our facility management services can simplify your decision-making process and contribute to your facility’s success.


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