September 24, 2021

How To Create a Commercial Floor Installation Execution Plan

Most flooring typically lasts for a long time, but each has its own caveat. Polished concrete is more durable, but prone to chipping. Carpet protects the subfloor, but can become soiled relatively easily. At some point, you’ll need to develop a commercial floor installation plan to replace flooring.  However, before you make a call to a contractor for a free quote, there are four things you’ll need to do first to create your commercial floor installation execution plan.

Determine Your Commercial Floor Installation Budget 

Anything involving your facility should be included in your annual maintenance budget. Facilities that work with an integrated facility management firm often have an efficient formula for predicting future repair bills based on prior behavior.

That being said, you’ll still need to determine your commercial floor installation budget based on your annual income, expenses, and receipts before you can commit to an execution plan. In addition, some companies have strict allocation guidelines, meaning that funds from one category can’t be moved into another.

Be proactive. Note areas that need maintenance and if you can’t take care of the issue this time, plan for it in your next fiscal year.

Order Your Commercial Floors In Advance

Raise your hand if anything you’ve bought over the past twelve months has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. General residential contractors can share many stories of price increases, low inventory, and even completely missed deliveries from their suppliers.

The reality is that you may end up paying today for an insulation that won’t happen for several months. Not only are contractors at the mercy of shipping companies and lumber mill labor shortages, they’re also backed up trying to get caught up from various lockdowns across the country. Ordering your commercial floor installation materials as soon as it’s possible can help insure your installation plan happens when you want it to — not six months later due to a lack of supplies.

Schedule The Best Times To Install Commercial Floors

So you’ve determined your budget, ordered your supplies and they’ve arrived after weeks (or even months) of waiting. The next step is to determine when you will have your contractor install your commercial flooring. This will involve a strategic coordination with impacted departments, their workloads, as well as your contractor’s timetable. 

Commercial floor installation can happen overnight if you plan it correctly, but there may be other concerns. These range from whether you can’t walk on the new flooring for a certain time period to removal and reinstallation of office equipment to full-scale production lines thats may need disassembled and reassembled.

Simply put, your flooring installation needs to be coordinated, scheduled, and everyone involved needs to be committed to the timetable so that there are no delays in returning to work.

Create A Final Installation Inspection  

Finally, just because your contractor installs the new flooring doesn’t mean it’ll be 100% perfect on the first try. Ideally, everything will go smoothly without any hitches. Realistically, there will likely need to be some type of follow-up.

To reduce delays, create a final installation inspection plan. Budget for this ahead of time so that the affected departments know that their return-to-work day or date is based on the project being finalized and signed off on, taking into consideration anything that the inspection may uncover.

The Best Commercial Floor Installation Execution Plan

The best installation plan will take into consideration all four of these concerns: budget, materials, timelines, and a final inspection. Be sure to factor in the unexpected as you develop your execution plan and communicate these details to all parties involved.

Branded Group is Here to Help

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