September 20, 2021

The 4 Commercial Electric Lighting For Facilities and Properties

Commercial electric lighting comes in various shapes, sizes, outputs, and designs. In fact, there are so many different types of commercial electrical lighting for facilities that it can be overwhelming to make the right decision for what you need. Branded Group’s goal with this article is to provide and evaluate the four primary types of lighting: ambient, task, accent, and LED. 

Ambient Lighting: When and Where To Use Ambient Lighting

First, we should define ambient lighting. There’s a general misconception that ambient lighting is sunlight. However, sunlight should be referred to as natural lighting. 

Ambient lighting is any available light in a space. It can include light strips, computer screens, light coming through a window blind, and light from hallways and other nearby workspaces. 

Ambient lighting should be used when the occupant needs a relaxing space. Sometimes, ambient lighting is thought of as mood lighting. However you think of it, ambient lighting is ideal for management offices, creative workspaces, or rooms where employees escape to when they need some downtime.

Task Lighting: What It Is and Where To Use Task Lighting

Task lighting is a concentrated light source. Typically, office designers think of this as “work light” — effectively creating a contrast between objects in a workspace. Task lighting can be as simple as a swing-arm lamp over a desk. 

In fact, task lighting is not massive overhead lights. Rather, it’s a single light source often used to keep the employee motivated, focused, and on task. Our brains work best when task lighting is used, as we don’t feel overloaded or overwhelmed due to mental stimulation. Rather, it works with our brain so that we’re able to work at our best.

Accent Lighting: When and How To Use Accent Lighting

Accent lighting may be the least “productive” of the four types of lighting choices we’re unpacking here, but it still plays an important role. Accent lighting is effectively a focal point style of lighting. For example, if your firm has earned multiple awards, you can use accent lighting in your display cases to draw visitors’ attention to them.

That’s not to say that accent lighting doesn’t have its place in creativity or productivity. As an example, artwork can help stimulate our mental faculties. Accent commercial electrical lighting can also be used to highlight artwork, creating a sense of style that your team members can enjoy. Accent lighting plays a small role, but when used properly, it can have a big impact on everyone in your facility.

LED Lighting: When To Install LED Lights for Commercial Lighting

Commercial electrical lighting may, in fact, be most associated with LED lighting. More often than any other form of lighting, overhead lights are moving away from power-hungry (and headache-inducing) halogen lights and towers to energy-efficient, health-friendly LED variations.

While small workspaces may use various combinations of the prior three types of commercial electric lighting, large-scale floor plans, warehouses, production floors, and even larger offices will frequently use LED lighting to maximize the illumination in a given space.

This isn’t to say that your facility already has LED lights installed. In fact, if you haven’t replaced your lights in some time, you probably have the older halogen-style light strips still. So if you want to have an impact on both your employee’s well-being and your company’s power bill, consider making the switch to LED lighting ASAP.

Commercial electric lighting decisions come down to two primary factors

With each lighting type, there is a general theme:

  • How the lighting will be used
  • Who it’s for

Lighting is both a personal choice and a practical, health-based concern. The space, whether an office environment or warehouse floor, can determine the type of lighting. Likewise, individual workspaces should be tailored to the individual. 

Branded Group Can Find The Right Electrician For You

Looking to improve the lighting in your commercial facilities or properties? At Branded Group, we specialize in providing high-quality commercial electric lighting solutions to help enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Schedule your consultation today to see how we can help you achieve your lighting goals.

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