September 22, 2021

4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Electrician

When the time comes to hire a commercial electrician company, you’ll want to keep four primary questions in mind. Each of these can determine whether or not you trust them and have confidence in their ability to do the job right the first time. Furthermore, and perhaps more important, these four questions should be a part of a proactive review process when selecting a commercial electrician company.

1. Do They Handle Commercial or Residential Projects?

Although some may believe that all electrical work is the same, the truth is there are many more things to keep in mind with commercial electrical work than residential. In addition, some homeowners may be willing to overlook some things to save money.

Under no circumstance should your commercial electrician company have this attitude. Not only is cutting corners a violation of state laws, it’s just not safe.

We’re not advocating that you don’t use firms who handle both, but if the company in question traditionally only handles residential projects, you’ll want to steer clear of them. Their experience isn’t conducive to commercial electrical installations.

2. How Are Their Online Reviews?

Once you’ve identified a pool of companies to review, the first step is to begin reading online reviews. Here’s a pro tip: ignore their website.

All companies love to promote their positive experiences on their website. No one in their right mind would post a negative review.

Here’s where social media and Google are your friend. Check out the company’s Facebook page, Yelp ratings and their responses to said ratings. If someone leaves a 1 star review, does the client respond appropriately? Do they address the issue or do they pass the blame back onto the client?

Better yet, does the company hide reviews from their Facebook page? If so, that’s a huge red flag. What are they trying to conceal by keeping reviews off of their page entirely? It’s possible they don’t know how to turn them on.  In this case, you’ll want to check Google and other apps. If those have 5 stars, you may be okay.

3. Are They Properly Licensed And Insured?

This is simple and straightforward, yet incredibly important in selecting a commercial electrician company. If they’re not insured, run away. That means no one is backing up their work, and if it leads to any problems down the road, you may be unable to recoup costs.

Also, they should be properly licensed in addition to having continuing education requirements for their employees.

4. What Past Commercial Electrical Projects Have They Done?

As we touched on earlier, you’ll want to be able to review their past work. If all they’ve worked on to date has been office complexes, that doesn’t mean they’re not a good fit for your manufacturing facility. You may just need to look at them a bit closer or ask additional questions to determine if their past work will translate into success for your project.

Find the Best Commercial Electrician Company Simply by Doing Your Research

When we buy anything new, we typically read online reviews or ask for references. When we’re considering hiring someone for home repairs, we want to know if they’re licensed, insured, and capable. Typically, we ask for examples of previous clients so that we can make a few phone calls to get a second opinion.

Of course, these are things we do, as consumers, for our homes. Our businesses shouldn’t be any different, and considering the gravity electrical work brings to the table, we need to be extra diligent with our research. Be sure to use this guide whenever the time comes for electrical work at your facility.

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