August 14, 2021

9 Frequently Asked Questions About Parking Lot Repairs

To maintain an effective, customer-friendly business, you must maintain your parking lots. However, you may have questions for area contractors before you dive into parking lot repairs. For starters:

What’s Involved in Parking Lot Repairs?

To repair your parking lot, professionals can:

Seal Your Cracks

If your asphalt has started to show signs of wear, sealing helps fill in cracks sized between a quarter of an inch and a full inch. This treatment prevents long-term moisture damage.

Lay a Seal Coating

Seal coating creates a barrier between your parking lot and external elements. These can include sunlight, UV rays, winter salt, gasoline spills, and rainwater. The coat will limit the effect these elements have on your asphalt, and therefore your most recent treatment plan will last longer.

Mark Your Parking Lot

Lot marking helps customers navigate through your parking lot. Necessary elements such as cart stalls, parking spaces, entrances, exits, and loading zones. Professionals recommend this service after all repairs, as is essential.

When Should I Repair My Parking Lots?

Winter and summer can have equally damaging effects on the quality of your parking lot. Winter weather tends to shrink down your lot’s molecules, making it more vulnerable to cracks. Summer’s heat, comparatively, can cause a “concrete crawl.” Determining when to repair your parking lot, can be a challenge.

You can work with the professionals in your area to assess your local weather and schedule your repairs accordingly. If you live in an area that sees a significant amount of snow, invest in repairs come spring or fall. Alternatively, businesses in warmer parts of the country may benefit from work done in late fall to early winter.

Is Stripping Part of the Parking Lot Repair Process?

Stripping is not always part of the parking lot repair process. However, some circumstances may spawn these kinds of substantial repairs. You’ll know that your business needs a parking lot strip if:

  • Customers have trouble or complain about parking
  • No one can identify your handicapped parking spots
  • Weather severely impacts the safety of your lot

You may also consider substantial parking lot repairs if potholes or other cracks have rendered your lot un-drivable. Call a team of area professionals in for an assessment to determine the extent of parking lot repairs your business may benefit from.

How Much Do Parking Lot Repairs Cost?

The earlier you call on parking lot repair professionals, the less you have to pay for your maintenance.

Are Parking Lot Repairs a Capital Expense?

You do have the option to capitalize your concrete parking lot replacement or parking lot resurfacing. Routine maintenance can also be expensed.

How Long Do Asphalt Lots Last?

An asphalt parking lot that receives regular maintenance can last up to thirty years.

What Type of Ongoing Maintenance Do Parking Lots Require?

Your ongoing parking lot repairs and maintenance will vary based on the age of your lot and the material it’s made of. Generally, both concrete and asphalt parking lots require crack sealing, spot treatment, and regular seal coatings.

What Are the Advantages of Asphalt Over Concrete?

Asphalt parking lot repair tends to cost less than concrete application. Similarly, you can recycle asphalt. But most importantly, professionals can lay asphalt faster than they can lay concrete, as asphalt has a shorter cure time.

Start Maintaining Your Parking Lot Today

Don’t let a damaged parking lot drive your customers away. You can work with a company in your area, like Branded Group, to create a parking lot maintenance plan.

Let Branded Group be your go-to resource in connecting you with reliable parking lot repair solutions to enhance your facility’s aesthetics and create a positive experience for your customers and visitors. Elevate your facility management strategy by collaborating with us today.

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