August 18, 2021

7 Reasons To Remove and Replace Commercial Asphalt

Commercial asphalt does not last forever. For budgetary reasons, some companies may patch problematic spots, yet these are only temporary measures. Eventually, you’ll need to strip and replace the asphalt in your parking lots and driveways. In fact, there are seven compelling reasons why you should replace your commercial asphalt instead of patching or resurfacing it.

1. There is ponding or standing water in your parking lot

Depressions in your parking lot will eventually give rise to small puddles. While this is expected due to normal wear, other factors can cause this to happen, such as snowplows with blades set to the wrong height. Standing water can lead to other problems, including employees or customers stepping in them when they enter or exit their vehicles.

2. Visible sinking or warping in the commercial asphalt

Did you know that the average mid-sized sedan weighs about 4,000 pounds? While your commercial asphalt might seem sturdy, repeated use of it will cause visible sinking or warping. Not only does this make for an uncomfortable experience for those using your parking lots and driveways, it could potentially lead to damage of their vehicles if the ruts are too big or deep.

3. Alligator cracks throughout the asphalt lot

A natural part of commercial asphalt aging is alligator cracks. While these can be patched to some extent, warming and cooling lead to a natural expansion and contraction of your asphalt. Over time, the cracks will eventually lead to deeper and larger cracks and, if not properly patched on a regular basis, will require replacement.

4. Potholes and sinkholes in various areas

Potholes are dangerous. On roadways, they’ve ruined more rims than anything else, as they’re often not visible until it’s too late. When a tire hits a pothole or sinkhole, it runs the risk of blowing out the tire and denting the rim.

Although most states and counties have protections in place mitigating liability from angry vehicle owners, the same is not true for parking lots. While no one should be traveling that fast in a parking lot, it can still lead to unintentional damage for which you don’t want to be held liable.

5. Parking lot is approaching 20 years

The average age of any parking lot is about 20 to 25 years. There are many factors that can significantly decrease this number. These include but are not limited to difficult winters with significant precipitation, traffic volume, and whether the asphalt company did a good job installing it in the first place. 

If your lot is almost 20 years old, it’s time to have it evaluated for replacement regardless of these outside factors.

6. Nearly one-third of commercial asphalt needs to be repaired

Budgetary concerns often limit how facility managers spend maintenance dollars. While parking lots are incredibly important, they’re also a slow burn. You don’t realize your parking lot is bad until it hits you all of a sudden one day, and then it’s too late.

Don’t believe us? This is why almost one-third of all commercial asphalt in the United States is in dire need of replacement. From alligator cracks to potholes and more, repairs often get sidelined in lieu of other maintenance tickets. Because of this ongoing neglect, it typically means the next repair bill will be a strip and replace.

7. Discoloration and stains throughout the parking lot 

Finally, for aesthetic reasons, you may want to consider replacing your commercial asphalt sooner rather than later. This is particularly true if you have tenants in the luxury space who have a particular clientele with higher expectations. Discolorations and stains are unsightly and could affect their business — and in turn, cause them not to renew your lease.

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