August 24, 2021

6 Tips for Facility Managers Hiring a Janitorial Service Company

A janitorial service company provides essential healthcare services for businesses across the nation. However, finding the right company to collaborate with your business isn’t always straightforward. You have to know what factors set a business apart if you want the best people serving your team.

With that in mind, be sure to consider the following factors when searching for your next janitorial partner:

What Is Their Reputation as a Janitorial Service Company?

A janitorial service company’s reputation is its primary currency. You can learn more about other clients’ experiences with the business via word of mouth or the Internet. Several websites, including Angie’s List and Foursquare, can give you an idea of how its clients have perceived a janitorial service company.

You can also explore a service company’s website, though they tend to keep the best reviews on display there.

Do They Have Fair and Transparent Pricing?

If you want to maintain a healthy bottom line, you need to compare and contrast different janitorial services’ costs. This can include specialized cleaning supplies, unique treatments, and certain times on the business’s schedule. Fiddle with your expectations and see which company meets your needs without breaking the bank.

What Type of Commercial Cleaning Supplies Do They Use?

There are a few reasons you’ll want to investigate a janitorial service company’s supply closet. For starters, one company may use materials that put the quality or health of your workspace at risk. You may, alternatively, want to work solely with partners who use green cleaning supplies.

However, the most important goal of exploring a business’s supply closet is determining whether or not that business will even permit you to do so. Janitorial service companies need to be transparent when discussing the tools and products they use. If they’re not, consider a different partner.

How Well Do They Communicate with Facility Managers?

Your facility managers will serve as the liaisons between your business and a janitorial service company. So the janitorial service company needs to build a stream of communication with these parties actively.

If the company CC’s you on every email, they may not trust your facility managers to communicate effectively. Worse, they may not be willing to follow your instructions. A janitorial service company that cannot delegate may not serve you well as a partner.

Alternatively, companies that make a point of connecting with your facility managers realize how precious your time is. Parties that pursue active communication instead of letting it fall by the wayside will respect your personal and professional needs. This kind of deliberate service can elevate them as frontrunners in your search for an effective office aide.

How Strong Is Their Custodial Customer Service?

Customer service is the beating heart of most businesses. It doesn’t matter how affordable a janitorial service company’s cleaning plans are. If the company doesn’t answer your emails or takes advantage of your time, they’re not a good partner for you.

To get a beat on a company’s customer service, schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, you’ll get an idea of who you’re working with and how you’ll be treated as a client. Ask for references and call each of them.

Can They Customize Their Janitorial Service Cleaning Plans?

Your office is unique. Representatives at your local janitorial service company need to recognize that. There should be ways for you to customize your preferred cleaning plan. You’ll want to work with a business that puts your individual needs first, as that ties directly into the necessary cleanliness of your space.

Connect with the Best Janitorial Service Company in Your Area

having a reliable janitorial service company on your payroll can greatly contribute to the smooth operation of your business. Take the time to compare the reputations, pricing, and customer service of local teams to ensure you choose the best janitorial team in your area.

Branded Group Can Help with Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

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