April 22, 2021

The Complete Commercial Heating and Cooling Preventative Maintenance Plan

Commercial heating and cooling systems are just like any other piece of equipment. From time to time, they will experience some kind of failure and need to be repaired. One solution to this problem is an HVAC maintenance program

Why Should You Conduct A Regularly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Program?

HVAC PM Program - GearsAll brands of HVAC equipment will need regular maintenance over the course of their lifecycle. Otherwise, if not properly maintained, the system will eventually experience problems. Depending on their severity, a single unexpected repair like this can derail your entire operational budget.

Scheduled maintenance is a proactive approach designed to minimize your long-term repair costs. During a scheduled visit, your technician will identify and fix issues before they become a larger and more costly repair.

Nobody wants to work in a cold building during the winter or a hot one during the summer. Unexpected HVAC failures lead to lost productivity. Depending on the severity and how long the system is down, it could even lead to one of your tenants not renewing their lease — especially if this is a recurring issue.

Some manufacturers require regular service calls, or else they’ll void your equipment warranty. HVAC units are not cheap, and you don’t want to be stuck replacing a unit that broke in a system you recently replaced.

In short, a regularly scheduled maintenance program saves you money, provides a pleasant experience for your tenants, and protects your investment.

Will Your Commercial Heating and Cooling System Run More Efficiently?

Yes, a properly maintained commercial heating and cooling system will run more efficiently. In fact, a study by the Building Efficiency Initiative found that a preventative maintenance program can reduce your energy costs by up to 40%.

How does it improve efficiency? First, a system that has not been maintained will have to work harder than one that has been regularly maintained. This increases your energy usage and costs you more out of pocket on an annualized basis. 

Second, an efficient commercial heating and cooling system will not only produce better air quality, but also allow tenants to more accurately control the environment in their workspaces. They’re more comfortable while at the same time using less energy.

Quarterly VS Semi-Annually HVAC Preventative Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance Savings CalculationsAt a bare minimum, your commercial heating and cooling system should be inspected once a year. However, this is analogous to only changing the oil in your vehicle once every three months. A driver who puts 3,000 miles a month on their car will need to change the oil more frequently than other drivers.

That’s why a yearly inspection is woefully inadequate. More commonly, facility managers elect for semi-annual plans, often with service in the spring and fall. This prepares the system for the upcoming weather extremes and allows for any issues to be addressed before turning on the heat or air conditioning for the first time.

Quarterly plans are less common but no less important. In fact, with a quarterly plan, you’ll have more opportunities to identify problematic situations within the system.

How To Choose The Right Heating and Cooling Preventative Maintenance Schedule For Your Facility

The frequency that your HVAC contractor conducts a preventative maintenance visit will depend on several factors. First, the size of your building will determine the type of HVAC system you have. A larger building will have a larger system and, by extension, will need to be serviced more frequently.

Next, what does your typical usage look like? If your system is always running, it’s going to wear down faster. Parts will need to be replaced more often, and the chance for a large-scale failure will be greater. Therefore, you should have it serviced more often.

Finally, what is your annual budget for repairs? Generally speaking, it’s cheaper to maintain than to repair — let alone replace. You may elect for a more frequent schedule because it is the cheapest option in the long run.

Save Money and Extend Your HVAC System’s Lifespan

Regular service will prolong the life of your HVAC system and is the best way to protect the investment you’ve already made in your building. A quarterly or semi-annual preventative maintenance program can save you money, increase efficiency, and improve your internal customer experience. 

Branded Group is Here to Help with Your Commercial HVAC Servicing 

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