March 24, 2021

7 Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips for Facility and Property Managers

All facilities need regular commercial landscaping maintenance. It may be surprising to hear, but how the outside of your building looks can affect the success on the inside. A well-maintained property can improve both sales and morale. Here are 7 tips to maximize both.

Design a Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Blueprint

First and foremost, you need a plan. A commercial landscaping maintenance blueprint includes everything from the landscape design to shrubbery placement to upkeep schedules. With your blueprint, you’ll know when it’s time to mow the grass when to spray for weeds, and what kind of turf you used on each part of your property. 

Create A Turf Watering Guideline

commercial lawn care watering sprinklersHave you ever driven down a busy road and had a company’s water sprinklers spray your windshield? Worse yet, has your window been down when it happened?

This might seem like a minor, one-off inconvenience, however, put yourself in the shoes of the employees who work in your building. No one wants to walk through water on their way into the office. No one wants to get sprayed as they’re sitting outside enjoying their lunch break. And no one wants to annoy their clients with their water sprinklers.

The fact is, your turf will need to be watered. Your turf watering guideline should take into consideration everything from soil composition to slopes to watering frequency. It should also factor in employee schedules, busy times, and client appearances. This will help minimize annoyances from the necessity of watering your property.

Match Different Landscaping Styles With The Outdoor Construction

What kind of architectural design does your building have? When was it built? Is it industrial, modern, or something in between?

Each of these questions is meant to encourage analysis of your landscaping style. A modern building design calls for a modern landscaping layout. This includes the layout of the turf and the type of shrubbery you plant.

Always Have Easy Access Paths and Walkways

Access to your building should never be compromised due to your landscaping choices. An overgrown bush is not only annoying to walk through (or around) but looks unprofessional. Likewise, edging should be neat and tidy, showing a clean separation between your yard, your path, and your walkways.

Keep An Eye Out For Damaged Property and Equipment

As an extension of that, an expected part of commercial landscaping maintenance is to repair your walkways if they become damaged by the weather or general wear and tear. In addition, as spring rolls around each year, you will want to invest some time in making sure that your landscape maintenance equipment is functioning properly. But only if it applies to your region of the country, especially in warmer climates.

Overseed The Lawn And Mow Regularly

Your commercial lawn, if properly maintained, should last for many years. However, it will occasionally need to be overseeded due to occasional dead patches. This doesn’t mean that you’re applying too much seed. Rather, it means that you’re laying new grass seed over your existing lawn. It’s a process best performed in either the spring or fall for most climates in the US.

And of course, it’s incredibly important to mow regularly. This helps maintain a professional appearance for both the employees who work in your building and all of your clients who visit the property.

Run Monthly Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Check-Ups

Commercial landscaper trimming treeAny commercial landscaping maintenance plan should be regularly revisited to make sure that it is working for you and the property. See if any items were overlooked in your initial blueprint and add them as appropriate.

In addition, you’ll want to create a monthly, quarterly, and yearly checklist and include it in your regular facility checkups.

Branded Group is Here to Help With Your Commercial Landscaping Needs

Implementing these 7 commercial landscaping maintenance tips consistently can significantly enhance your job as a facility manager, boost employee satisfaction, and leave a lasting impression on your clients. For expert assistance with your outdoor maintenance needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Branded Group, a trusted national facility services provider.

Schedule a consultation today and let our team connect you to exactly the services needed to elevate your landscape to new heights, ensuring a welcoming and well-maintained environment for all.

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