December 17, 2019

Preserving Your Brand with a Preventative Maintenance Program

As we round out the year, and another decade, it’s likely your facility has gone through a variety of changes. Whether it has been a full remodel, a seasonal refresh, or updates to signage and lighting, these updates:

  1. Preserve your brand standards.
  2. Provide a customer experience second to none.

Along with these planned improvements, you may also have had to address an emergency repair or replacement of equipment, HVAC systems, or more. While we all love surprises, an unexpected breakdown at the height of any shopping season is a surprise any facility manager can do without.

Preventative Maintenance Programs Save Time and Money

Keeping your retail or restaurant facility in top shape should be a resolution on every facility manager’s list all year long. In order to deliver a consistent brand experience to customers as well as a safe environment for employees, a comprehensive preventative maintenance program is key. Branded Group’s team of experts stands ready to help you keep your business running smoothly 24/7/365, whether it’s for your front or back of the house operations.

When considering the implementation of a preventative maintenance program, facility managers should look for the following deliverables from their provider’s program recommendations:

  • Ensure all of your facility assets are in working order,
  • Extend the life of your equipment,
  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of your facility and its staff, and
  • Avoid potential fines or fees from regulatory agencies.

A best-in-class program begins with a thorough assessment of your facility. Every facet of each of your locations should be examined including HVAC systems, lighting and electrical, equipment, pest control and landscaping. Additionally, a customized schedule to perform regular maintenance should reflect the specific needs of the location, the equipment and systems in place, as well be aligned with your budget.

In-depth business intelligence via portals or mobile apps should be available to provide real-time access to service requests so that customized preventative maintenance can be developed. Capturing equipment information and nuances as well as creating an inventory of all of your facility’s assets are also must-haves.

Most importantly, your preventative maintenance program should be backed by personalized customer service in which your service calls are answered and addressed by knowledgeable industry experts who are familiar with your facility needs. This team should also be backed by a network of service providers who are well versed in the latest technologies, equipment brands, and are committed to timely resolution of every service call.

They say that knowledge is power. Having a service provider that values information and is willing to share it openly with its customers is key to keeping the lines of communication open about every service call, whether preventative or emergency in nature.

At Branded Group, we:

  • Manage the details of each service call from start to finish using a comprehensive work-order system.
  • Summarize service call data into our proprietary online dashboard where it is regularly analyzed to identify trends across all locations.
  • Deliver a detailed after-action report for the completed work.

Regular and consistent maintenance of your equipment, property, and other valued assets keeps customers, employees, and site visitors safe, secures your brand standards, and helps you to deliver a positive customer experience.

As we approach 2020, be sure your facilities are continually running efficiently. Contact the experts at Branded Group today to discuss your specific preventative maintenance program needs.

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