April 23, 2018

Signage that Sells Your Brand

What do customers think as they approach your facility? Whether it’s the name of your business on a bright sign above the entryway, a banner announcing an upcoming promotion, or directional signs in the parking lot, putting your best foot forward with great signage is your business’ best advertisement.

1. To LED or Not to LED

Energy efficiency is the name of the game these days and this includes the lighting choices for your signage. In addition to lowering utility expenses, energy efficient lighting also reduces the burden on nonrenewable energy sources. Light emitting diode (LED) lighting is currently the most energy efficient option in the market today.

What exactly is an LED light and how does it work? “LED lights are powered by drivers whereas neon lights are powered by transformers,” Peter Thompson, Branded Group’s Facilities Coordinator said. “Drivers have a longer life than most transformers, making them more efficient,” Thompson said.

LED lighting is fast replacing traditional neon signs for businesses that are looking for improved visibility as well as lower costs. However, if your facility is in a location with extreme temperatures, neon lighting may be the best solution.

2. There’s More to Signage than Pretty Lights

Once your lighting style has been selected, it’s time to look at the front face of your signs. Some choices for materials include acrylic, Panaflex® or Lexan®, or molded sign faces. Each option has pros and cons and the choice is truly dependent on your facility needs.

  • Acrylic sign faces are known for their similarity to glass due to their clear finish. Unlike glass, acrylic is lightweight, yet it can be more expensive. Over time, acrylic signs have a tendency to look worn, especially in areas with extreme weather.
  • Panaflex is a stretchy material that offers the flexibility of being used with either front or back lit lighting. A sign face made of Lexan will be durable, resistant to impacts and harsh weather, and is easily customizable.
  • Molded sign faces, while decreasing in popularity, are another choice for your external signage.

When updating sign faces, it is vitally important to know the exact specifications so that replacements are perfectly matched. Additionally, prior to selecting the sign face, compliance with brand guidelines is critical in order to avoid costly missteps with incorrectly-sized signs or lettering choices.

3. Renew, Replace, or Rebrand?

If signage is relatively new, a thorough cleaning may bring those signs back to life. Worn-out acrylic lettering can easily be replaced and cracks in sign faces repaired. All sign components, including lighting cans, should be checked regularly for wear and tear. If sign damage is extensive, a full replacement may be in order.

For those facilities anticipating a rebranding effort, a comprehensive project plan may be needed to ensure that every location will reflect your new brand standards. Depending on the number of locations and ever-changing zoning requirements, this effort can take several months to implement.

Whether you are repairing or replacing your facility signage, the experts at Branded Group can help you every step of the way. From securing permits to working with landlords and engineers, our goal is to ensure that your signage is sending a clear message to all your customers every day: We’re Open For Business.

If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive signage services, please call us at 323-940-1444. At Branded Group we’re always ready to help you #BeBetter!

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