February 15, 2018

Overcoming Obstacles

At Branded Group, we strive to live our #BeBetter culture every day with each other, our clients, and our community. We recently partnered with our client, Skechers® in a Spartan Race at the breathtaking Lake Elsinore in Southern California. Each of the 20 obstacles, while challenging, was met with a can-do attitude by the entire team.

Sponsored by Reebok, the Spartan Race is a worldwide event with over 200 races in 30 countries. Each participant is provided with a variety of online support tools, which are guaranteed to make their race a success. Its credo is that a strong body is fueled by a strong mind, tested by challenges and obstacles.

We began our training for this event in early January with trail runs that prepared us to navigate the eight to ten mile obstacle course. Our team continually strived to “push our minds and bodies to the limit” as we tackled each obstacle.

We’re grateful to our fellow Spartan-ers at Skechers for joining us in this fun and invigorating event, and we look forward to future races.

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