July 24, 2017

Summer Refresh Tips & To-Do’s

Your Guide to a Refreshing Summer Refresh

The lazy days of summer are anything but if you are a retail facilities or project manager. While your customers may be strolling the aisles of your store by day, you’ve been hard at work each night with a myriad of activities that will lighten and brighten your retail locations. Whether by choice or by directive of a location’s lease terms, summer refreshes that are done right can have a big impact and now is the perfect time to start.

“July through October are traditionally lower-traffic months in retail,” Brendan Smith, Project Specialist at Brooks Brothers, said. “We take advantage of this time and schedule store refreshes accordingly.”

What are the top improvements made during a summer refresh?

  • Flooring – a more long-term investment typically completed after-hours
  • Painting – a simple, but powerful update for the budget conscious
  • Lighting – an opportunity to be environmentally mindful with energy efficient options

Each of these improvements plays an integral role in enhancing the appearance of your retail stores. Let’s take a look at some choices and best practices that Brooks Brothers® is implementing throughout some of their 287 stores.


There’s no doubt that hardwood floors add a clean, modern look to any size store. Style, durability, and design are critical factors in choosing a flooring material. The LVT Eco-Tech® resilient floor system incorporates all this and more. Eco-Tech provides the look of hardwood, but is made from 75% recycled vinyl. Not only does it look like real hardwood, it is water resistant, mold-proof, low-emitting, and sound absorbing. Individual planks make floor fixes easy and affordable, making the ideal choice for Brooks Brothers’ locations.


One of the easiest and quickest updates for retail locations is a fresh coat of paint. This includes walls, ceilings, and moldings throughout the store, including fitting rooms. Be sure to inspect the joints in crown molding, which have a tendency to crack or splinter over time. Making simple repairs to these features gives a polished look to any area. Let your merchandise take center stage by choosing a neutral color like white or beige. Stores looking to complement neutral colors can choose to add window graphics or poster track systems. Whether temporary or permanent, these eye-catching displays are another quick and cost-effective update.


Proper, energy efficient lighting is another improvement for your summer refresh project. Choosing to replace high-wattage lights with energy-efficient LED solutions will not only save money, they’re great for the environment. Plus being sturdier, LED lights will stand the test of time and are a great investment.

Ceiling height determines whether to use a high or low bay lighting system. Low bay lights are great for ceilings under twenty feet, while high bays are best for ceilings between 20-45 feet. Brooks Brothers made the decision to go with backlit LED frameless fabric light boxes. Available in frameless, one or two-sided framed, this lighting solution is a great choice to add a punch to your store décor.

Branded Group is excited to work with Brooks Brothers on updating its stores. Here are a few tips as you plan your summer refresh project.

  • Check your lease requirements to determine what you can update and when.
  • Get aligned with your budget cycle if additional funding is needed for larger projects.
  • Inspect all areas of your stores, from floors to ceilings, to rest rooms and fitting rooms for wear and tear.
  • Whether you source yourself or with your facilities maintenance partner, evaluate product choices for lighting, flooring and paint, even fixtures.
  • Develop a detailed project plan with a skilled project manager to ensure your summer refresh is done on-time and on-budget.

“Summer refreshes can bring new life to your retail location,” Smith said. “Partnering with Branded Group helps ensure a smooth transition from old to new. Brooks Brothers values Branded Group’s daily communication, their confidence and the consistency with which they deliver solutions to help us enhance our stores.”

If you have additional questions, please give us a ring at 323-940-1444. At Branded Group we’re ready to help you #BeBetter!

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