December 9, 2016

We Love Locks to the Core

At Branded Group, we love locks to the core, the interchangeable core, of course! While our technicians are readily available to service locks in an emergency situation, our team of trained account coordinators prefer to help customers proactively manage lock inventory. See six tips below to learn more about managing the locks at your retail location.

  1. Know your locks: When managing locks and communicating with your Branded Group account coordinator, it’s important to know the difference between locks with a cylinder and interchangeable (I/C) core. For example, when re-keying to accommodate staff changes, do you need the help of a technician? The lock cylinder, which is one piece and must be removed when re-rekeying, requires a trained technician. The I/C core of a lock could be removed and replaced without a technician.
  2. Comply with the code: In order for marked emergency doors to be fire code compliant, doors must be able to open with one swift motion such as that offered by a panic bar or the turn of a key. If your emergency exit doors have multiple locks or require multiple keys, they are not fire code compliant. Check your doors today to keep your staff and customers safe.
  3. Master the master key: If your store utilizes display cases, then consider a master key. When store operators have to try several keys before opening a display case, the likelihood of the key breaking within the case lock greatly increases. Regardless of the case locks currently in your store, there are a wide variety of compatible replacement locks that will allow you to have the same lock on all display cases, enabling operators to open every case with one master key.
  4. Be prepared with battery back-up: Avoid being locked out of your store’s safe by keeping brand new batteries on hand. Karen Blanchard, Branded Group’s Director of Operations noted that it is problematic when store operators are locked out of a safe that includes cash for the register or store gift cards. “Often times, the lockout is a result of dead batteries,” Blanchard said. “Keep two new 9-volt batteries, Duracell or Energizer, readily available. As a complimentary service, Branded Group will provide phone assistance to store operators who need to replace safe batteries. It’s ideal to replace the back-up batteries every six months.
  5. Inventory often: Each retail location should keep an updated inventory of the type of locks for all doors including front and back, office, bathroom, stockroom, emergency exits and fitting room doors as well as display cases. Also, keep a record of the number of keys cut and which operators have a copy. To avoid duplication of keys, advise all staff to keep safely stored. If using digital door locks, securely keep an active log of codes used.
  6. Download with Digital Door Locks: Consider utilizing digital door locks, which eliminate the need for keys. These door locks use a code or PIN to unlock a door, and have a key function should the keypad stop working. Therefore, instead of issuing all store operators a key, employees are issued a code and management is issued keys as a back up. Also, in the event of staff changes, codes can quickly be changed. Each operator can be issued a different code (up to 99 codes), and, with select models, data can be downloaded so that management is able to see which codes opened the doors at which times.

Do you have questions about lock inventory – don’t get locked out, call Branded Group today!

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