October 13, 2016

Rollout in Reverse – Seven Questions to Ask Before you Begin Your Rollouts

Elevating Perception

Your brand has its own unique identity, which is why Branded Group’s focus starts – and stays – with understanding your brand while elevating perceptions of its retail locations. We know that at times your brand may need to be updated, tweaked, built up, built out, or even relocated. When these changes are being rolled-out through multiple locations, Branded Group is here to help you rollout in reverse.

Rollout in Reverse

Branded Group begins rollouts at the end. We discuss the customer’s desired outcome before the project is initiated. Do you want better lighting in your retail store to create a feeling of warmth, enticing customers to linger longer? Do you want to enhance the showcase of a particular product with modern fixtures, attracting attention to a new product line? Or do you want to install a new oversized graphic decal that will attract customers to your biggest holiday sale? We begin with the end in mind.

Once the goal is established and clearly communicated between the customer and Branded Group’s project management team then the project scope is outlined. In addition to questioning the project goal, the following are seven key questions to consider:

  1. What is the nature of the rollout? (fixture installation, signage replacement, etc.)
  2. What is the total number of stores in need of this service?
  3. What is the identified cost per location?
  4. If the materials are being provided, who is providing them?
  5. What is the frequency of update preferred?
  6. What is the deadline for completion?
  7. Who is the main point of the contact?

Whether swapping out fixtures at five locations or installing new graphics at 500 locations, Branded Group will ensure that you are updated every step of the way. The project team prides itself on frequent and transparent communication, enabling you to feel at ease.

Our rollout services include:

  • Graphic installations
  • Fixture replacements or retrofits
  • Lightening replacement or retrofits
  • Lock change outs
  • Signage installations or replacements
  • Brand changes
  • Floor replacements
  • Building temporary spaces

Branded Group’s dedicated and professional project team will serve as a seamless extension of your facilities department, striving to understand and improve your brand. We will help elevate your brand perception while beginning with your end result at the forefront.

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