March 17, 2016

Making the Case

In its new Making the Case section, Branded Group shares an overview of a recent case study.

Challenge: Staying Organized

Through Branded Group’s experience with customers from retail to restaurants to schools and storage facilities, Branded Group recognizes that it is no easy feat for its customers to stay organized. Understanding unique industry challenges including increasing workloads and the need to quickly switch from task to task, Branded Group recommends implementing organizational systems to improve operating efficiencies.

Solution: Inquire, Identify, Implement

Branded Group helped a nationwide shoe
retailer get more organized during its busy holiday season by taking over HVAC services 
for the customer’s northeast region. The retailer customer did not know the specifications, age, or condition of its HVAC units. Multiple units were failing each day and temporary heating costs were rising. Both customers and employees were unsatisfied with the store environment because it was too cold.

The retailer partnered with Branded Group because of its “Be Better” solution-centric process, which includes inquiring about the challenge, identifying strategic improvement opportunities, and implementing solutions.

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